list of top 100 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Work Clothing Manufacturing

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Does anyone have a list of top 100 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Work Clothing Manufacturing in San Diego? Please send me if you have this list.

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  1. lavernamacon


    There are plenty of manufactures mentioned above. However, I would like to add one more name that should also come in this list i.e. I usually prefer to buy my work uniform from this store because they sell good quality men’s clothing within the best price range. I hope you find it useful too.

  2. inam337

    Mart Pant Shops Inc

    9152-0270 Quebec Inc

    Ifr Workwear Inc

    Reynolds Industries Ltd

    St-Yves, Leopold & Fils Inc

    Confection Le Droit Fil Inc

    9143-0900 Quebec Inc

    Abrams And Shneer Agency Inc

    Sparlings Sporting Goods (1977) Ltd

    Everharvest Enterprises Ltd

  3. ahsan

     Confection Medicale D R Inc

    Meshwear Technologies Inc

    Winnipeg Pants & Sportswear Mfg Ltd

    Qsd Inc

    Able Apparel Mfg Co Ltd

    Can-Stitch (1999) Ltd

    Lac-Mac Limited

    Uniform Express Thunder Bay Inc

    Boardwalk Barber Shop

    Parevez N Dr

  4. Guest23220882

    Here is the list of some famous brands;

    American Apparel Inc.

    Cintas Corporation

    Prowler Supply, Inc.

    Project Alabama Llc

    Camo Manufacturing Co, Inc.

    Alabama Uniforms Inc

    M J Fashions in Mobile

    Panther Pacific, Inc.

    Kappler, Inc

    Nightingale Uniform Co Inc.

  5. zulfiqar ali

     Norcross Safety Products Llc in Nashua

    Helga Designs, Inc.

    Atlantis Plastics, Inc.

    Vf Imagewear, Inc.

    Carhartt Inc

    Unimed Llc

    Durex Products, Inc

    Genies Creations

    The Reserve

    Cleveland Canvas Goods Manufacturing Co

  6. Ali

    Below a list of  Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Work Clothing Manufacturing in San Diego:

    Lac-Mac Holdings Inc

    Codet Inc

    9099-9012 Quebec Inc

    1864-7768 Quebec Inc

    National Work Clothing Ltd



    Phillips Van Heusen

    Polo Ralph Lauren


  7. shahzeb

    Here are few i know in San diago :)

     Canada Ltee

    A P G Manufacturing Inc

    Goodbody, Gail Medi-Garments

    Finnmark Sales Inc

    672417 Ontario Inc

    Wildrose Garments Mfg Ltd

    Exploits Design Inc

    Gestion Daniel Couture Enr

    Mobb Medical Ltd

    Brown, John G & Sons

  8. Fahad haider

     Moments In The Sun

    In Search Of Justice

    Steps Garment Factory Ltd

    Cline, Dr Roy A Inc

    Goodfish Lake Development Corporation Ltd

    Penquin Industrial Ltd

    9137-6178 Quebec Inc

    Nicholson, Dr Allan J B

    Remtulla, Dr Suleman S

    Gestion Jean Laframboise Inc

  9. Bilal Abbasi

     Eldy Holdings (1967) Ltd

    Helly Hansen Canada Limited

    G&K Services Canada Inc

    Ranpro Inc

    Collection Innova

    Marv Holland Apparel Ltd

    Confections Lamartine Inc, Les

    Bonnie's Garment Factory Ltd

    Confection Lotbiniere Inc

    Drm International Inc

  10. Guest23220788
    1. Absorb-Plus Inc
    2.  Equipement Saguenay (1982) Ltee
    3. Industries Beyond Big Branding Inc
    4. Groupe De La Cote Inc
    5. 612465 Ontario Limited
    6. Williamson-Dickie Canada Company
    7. Safi Investment Development Inc
    8. Huggable Scrubs, Inc
    9. Codet Inc
    10. Kan, L Garment Factory Ltd

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