list of top 100 Guide, Street Map, Publishers (except Exclusive Internet Publishing)

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I am working with travel agency and I really need the list of top 100 Guide, Street Map, Publishers (except Exclusive Internet Publishing) worldwide. Please tell me the list.

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  1. James Augustus


    I tried to find top 100 map publishers but unable to get.


    However, here is the list of well known map publishers:

    • 360Geographics
    • Triple A (AAA)
    • Barclay Maps
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
    • Coop's Maps
    • Delorme Publishing
    • MapEasy, Inc
    • Fine Art Maps
    • Forest Service, USDA
    • GeoSphere Products
    • Imus Geographics
    • Krebs Cycle Products
    • Map Link, Inc
    • Mad Maps
    • American Cycling, Inc
    • National Geographic Maps
    • Rand McNally
    • Raven Maps & Images
    • Rockwell Enterprises Inc
    • SpaceShots, Inc.
    • Streetwise Maps Inc.
    • Thomas Brothers Maps
    • Tom Harrison Maps
    • Treaty Oak
    • Unique Media Inc
    • Universal Map
    • US Geological Survey
    • USDOT-FAA Nautical
    • Vestra Resources
    • Delta Geographics (VinMaps)
    • Wilderness Press


  2. The Education Expert

    Here are the ten Guide, Street Map, Publishers of the world:
    Road Atlas (Sverige Vagatlas)
    Motorman's Atlas
    Supertouring Atlas
    Travel Map
    Stockholm Atlas
    Gotland Topographic Map
    Mineral Map
    Pamphlet publishers
    Street map guide publishers
    University press publishers

  3. Judi

    The top ten guide, street map publishers

    1. GeoCenter
    2. MapEasy
    3. AA Publishing
    4. Periplus
    5. New Holland
    6. International Campaign for Tibet
    7. Gecko Maps (formerly Karto-Atelier)
    8. ITMB - International Travel Maps
    9. Freytag & Berndt
    10. A la Carte Maps
  4. Mitchel

     Here, is a list of  some of the renown Street Map, Publishers currntly functioning in different parts of the world:

    ADC (Alexandria Drafting Company)
    Makers of maps and atlases for cities along the U.S. east coast.

    Bartholomew:This old cartographic company produces maps for various publishers (Times Books, etc.).

    Berndtson & Berndtson
    German publisher of fold-up road and street maps, and road atlases.

    Delorme Mapping
    Their publications include state atlases and several popular CD-ROM products.
    Environmental Science Resources Institute (ESRI)
    Producers of the GIS software product ArcGIS, encompassing the components ArcView and ArcInfo.

    German publisher famous for its ingeniously folded city plans of German, Swiss, and Austrian cities.

    Guia Roji
    Mexican publisher of street and highway maps and atlases, paper and electronic.

    Swiss map publisher that publishes many fold-up road maps and city street maps for all over the world. Cartographic operations recently merged with those of Kümmerly-Frey, another Swiss map publisher.

    Hema Maps
    Australian map publisher specializing in maps of Australia and the Pacific region.

    Historical Ink
    Reproductions of maps and prints of towns in New England and several other U.S. states.

  5. Sash

     The top ten guide, street map publishers include some of the following:
    1. Azbookvarik Publishing House
    2. Michelin MFPM
    3. Sang Choy International H.K. Ltd
    5. Fines Mundi GmbH Verlag
    6. CartoDirect GmbH Geographical Distribution
    7. Stacey International Publishers
    8. Rough Guides
    9. Moleskine America Inc.
    10. Lonely Planet

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