list of top 100 Fluid Milk Manufacturing companies

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I need the list of top 100 Fluid Milk Manufacturing in world.

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  1. Guest22858433

     A few names in my knowledge,

    1)Swiss Valley Farms

    2)Superior Dairy, Inc.

    3)Superbrand Dairy

    4)Sunshine Dairy Inc

    5)Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

    6)Steuben Foods Inc

    7)State of Maine Cheese Co.

    8)Springdale Cheese Factory, Inc.

    9)Sorrento Lactalis Inc.

    10)Shullsburg Creamery

    11)Rutter Bros. Dairy, Inc




  2. Guest22858406

    I don't have such record in my knowledge, but I remember the names of few companies;

    1- Zimmerman Cheese, Inc.
    2- Young's Jersey Dairy Inc.
    3- White Clover Dairy, Inc.
    4- West Farm Foods, Inc.
    5- Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc.
    6- United Dairy Farmers Inc
    7- Tuscan Lehigh Dairies LP
    8- Turner Dairy Farms Inc
    9- Turkey Hill Dairy
    10- Trauth Dairy, Inc., Louis


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