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I need to post the list of top 100 Car Rental services in India on travel agency website for tourists and visitors. Someone please give me the list.

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  1. shahzeb

     Car Rentals are handy when it comes to smooth driving :) 

    Here's few i know in the town hope it help you out....

    Call Taxi, City Cycle Taxi, Raghavendra Tours And Travels, Kanara Travels, Vishwa Hindu Travels, New Sri Krishna Travels, Sri Ranga Tours & Travels, Sri Mohan Travels, Radio Cab Airport Service, Modern Tourist Taxi

  2. Zaran Ahmed Awan

     Enlisted below is a list of few top car rentals;

    Indu Travels

    Al-Madina Tours & Travels

    Sultan Travels

    Sai Sneha Tours And Travels

    Subin Travels

    Jahnavi Cabs Private Limited

    VR Cabs

    Mamidala Tours And Travels

    Sri Sai Travels Cars On Hire

    Orix Car Rentals

  3. shahzeb

    Car Rentals for Smooth Travel :)

    New Sri Krishna Travels, Sri Ranga Tours & Travels, Sri Mohan Travels, Radio Cab Airport Service, Modern Tourist Taxi


  4. zulfiqar ali

     SVR Tours And Travels, Mayuri Travels, Call Cabs Metered Taxis, Anil Cabs, Sai Maan Travels, Janapriya Travels, AMV Tours And Travels, SVR Tours And Travels, Bhavani Tours And Travels

  5. Fahad haider

     Maheshwari Travels,

    Sri Sainath Travels,

    Venson Travels,

    Isha Tours And Travels,

    Kun United Hyundai,

    Kamran Tours And Travels,

    Sameera Tours And Travels,

    Royal Travels,

    Ajantha Travels,

    Kalyani Travels

  6. Ali

     Well below is a list of top 10 that i know1.Astra Tours And Travel Services
    2.Gate Way Tours Concept
    3. Autoriders International Limited
    4.Avis India
    5. Travel House
    6. Nafees Car Travels
    7.Shanthi Travels
    8.Sahara Cabs
    9.Sri And Ganga Ram Travels
    10.Vijay Travels

  7. Guest23192255

    Alekya Tours And Travels
    Satyam Radio Cabs
    Tenth Planet Cab Services,
    Mansi Travels
    Reliance Travels Taxi Service
    Hyderabad Cabs
    Fast Track Call Cabs
    Sri Krishna Travels
    Gokul Travels
    Highway Cabs

  8. inam337

     Supreme Travels
    Anusha Tours And Travels
    Sri Vijaya Travels
    Sharma Travels
    Cyber Travels
    Al-Madina Tours & Travels
    Travel Bureau
    Gem Tours And Travels
    Om Navkar Tours And Travels
    Vaishnavi Tours And Travels

  9. Bilal Abbasi

     Maruthi Travels,
    PR Travels,
    Sri Bhavani Travels,
    Gold Cabs,
    Bharat Tours And Travels,
    Nanak Travels,
    Mahalaxmi Travels,
    Sri Tirumala Tours And Travels,
    Expert Driving Tours And Travels,

  10. ahsan

    Sai Travels
    SS Travels
    Syed Tours And Travels
    Transcity Travel Company Private Limited...
    Sri Sai Travels
    Sai Travels
    Sri Sagar Tours And Travels
    Chaitanya Travels
    Sumo Travels
    Sundeep Travels

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