list of countries no need visa on indian passport

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list of countries no need visa on indian passport

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    phillipines country give arrival visa on india passport?
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    list of countries where arrival visa available on indian passport
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    why indian passport holder get on arrival australia visa??????
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    I am Indian passport holdar can get arrival vasa for jordan
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    usa visa
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    am indian passport holder. if i wana go2 jamaica wher i can get the visa
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    if i go to souyh korea ineed to get a visa?tnkxz
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    Countries and Territories Conditions of access Burundi Visa issued on arrival[1] Cape Verde Visa issued on arrival [2] Cameroon Visa on arrival can only be issued to those holding a prior approval from Le Diligue General de L'Immigration [3] Comoros Visa issued on arrival[4] Djibouti visa required for DJF5,000[5] Egypt Visa issued on arrival (15 days - Sinai only) [6] Eritrea On arrival 1 month (renewable for 2 months), provided request has been made by sponsor to Eritrea Immigration [7] Ethiopia Visa issued on arrival[8] Kenya Visa issued on arrival[9] Liberia visa issue on arrival if holding telex confirmation from station manager [10] Madagascar Visa issued on arrival [11] Mauritius Visa issued on arrival [12] Seychelles 1 month [13] Sierra Leone Visa issued on arrival[14] Tanzania Visa issued on arrival [15] Togo Visa issued on arrival [16] Uganda Visa issued on arrival [17] [edit] Americas Countries and Territories Conditions of access Jamaica 90 days[18][19] Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months [20][21] Bermuda Bermuda Immigration officers will decide on max. period of stay (up to 6 months) [22] British Virgin Islands 30 days [23] Ecuador 90 days [24] [25] Guatemala 90 days [26] [27] Grenada 3 months [28][29][30] Haiti 3 months[31] Nicaragua 90 days [32] Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month [33] Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days [34][35] [edit] Asia Countries and Territories Conditions of access Bhutan 2 weeks Cambodia 30-day visa issued on arrival for US$20 (Tourist Visa) US$25 (Business Visa) [36] Hong Kong 14 days [37] Indonesia Visa-on-arrival 7 Day - 10 US$, 30 Day - 25 US$[38] Iran Visa-on-arrival 14 Day - 50 US$ [39] Laos Visa-on-arrival - 30 days [40] Macau 30 days [41] Maldives 30 day visa issued on arrival [42] Nepal Unlimited access [43] South Korea 90 days (for all Indian passport ) [44] Sri Lanka 30 days [45] Tajikistan 45 days[46] Thailand 15 day visa issued on arrival [47] Timor-Leste 30-day visa issued upon arrival for US$30 [48] [edit] Europe Countries and Territories Conditions of access [edit] Schengen Area 90 days in a 180 day period [49][50] Moving between Schengen countries does not 'reset' the clock. The 90 days applies to the total time spent in the zone as a whole. Austria part of Schengen area Belgium part of Schengen area Czech Republic part of Schengen area Estonia part of Schengen area Finland part of Schengen area France part of Schengen area Germany part of Schengen area Greece part of Schengen area Hungary part of Schengen area Iceland part of Schengen area Italy part of Schengen area Latvia part of Schengen area Lithuania part of Schengen area Luxembourg part of Schengen area Malta part of Schengen area Netherlands part of Schengen area Norway part of Schengen area Poland part of Schengen area Portugal part of Schengen area Slovakia part of Schengen area Slovenia part of Schengen area Spain part of Schengen area Sweden part of Schengen area Switzerland part of Schengen area [edit] Oceania Countries and Territories Conditions of access Cook Islands 31 days [51] Fiji 4 months [52] Micronesia 30 days [53] Niue 30 days [54] Palau 30-day visa issued upon arrival. [55] [56] Samoa 60-day entry permit issued upon arrival [57] [58] Tuvalu 1-month visa issued upon arrival [59] Vanuatu 30 days [60] [61]

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