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Lindsay lohan white dress is getting popular as she showed up for court wearing a super tight and super white dress, the kind of which you would be more likely to see in a club. Later it's being sold like a utility. What do you think is possible reason?

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  1. Danial

    Now I understand what it really meant..... she's doing business in court even! Wow!

  2. Jacob

    I have been following the story to a certain extent and to me it seemed as a publicity stunt for the designer. it seemed a desperate move to boost sales of dress that was in the pre fall collection of Ovitz. Well it has been a successful move to increase the sales and the PR agent is definitely in for a big bonus. 

  3. ZZ
    Lindsay Lohan might have pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft in court, for lifting an expensive necklace, but looks like she may be guilty of an fashionable crime-her outfit.Lindsay Lohan created some buzz when she showed up for her court appearance in Los Angles wearing a tight white mini dress reminiscent of something one might wear for a night on the town, pairing the bare-legged look with patent pumps and superstar shades. Although Lindsay did choose a clothing color that is traditionally associated with innocence, the short, curve-hugging style may not have been the most professional. summarizing the story short the reason possibly could be many but there is not any, she need to wear a dress and she did it.

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