like young bedwetter did you wear diapers?until age?your choice or parents?how you felt about it?

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it's useful for me to take a decision
serious answers please

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  1. Guest28445922

     It was horrible! Girls going thru puberty who became bedwetters because of it were put into cloth diapers and super large size rubberpants by their parents all the way thru puberty as long as their bedwetting lasted! Many girls from ages 11and 12 to around 14 and even 15 suffered the stigma of having to wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants at night and tried to act normal during the daytime.I was one of those girls and a bedwetter from ages 12 to 14 and wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants every night!

  2. Guest28437483

     Me and my sister are a year apart and we were never bedwetters,but our mom used cloth diapers and rubberpants on us when we were growing up for holidays and special ocassions.As little girls,we wore them under our easter dresses,at christmas time under our christmas dresses on christmas eve and day and when we were in weddings.When we made our First Communions at 7and 8,mom put the diapers and rubberpants on us under our communion dresses and as we got older,mom got bigger cloth diapers and the extra large-super size rubberpants for us.For easter,mom dressed us in cute,poofy,pastel easter dresses and got the rubberpants in the same pastel colors to match our dresses.When we were 12 and 13,we were flower girls in our aunts wedding and our flowergirl dresses were above the knees,so mom sewed pink ruffles across the back of each of our rubberpants and we wore them over our diapers under our dresses.For our confirmation,we were 14 and 15 and had to wear white knee length dresses and veils with lace socks and white shoes and mom got us new rubberpants to wear over our diapers under our dresses.

  3. Guest28432454

     When i was a young bedwetter I would spend time at my nana's hpuse and she would put diapers and rubberpants on meand put me in a crib and treat me like a baby. When I went home mom didn't  know that her mother wasputting me in diapers and rubberpants and babying me until my aunts asked why she wasn't doing it to me as well. Mom was shocked and asked me if if I  wanted her todo it to me too .i said if she wanted to me to wear them I would. I wore diapers and rubberpants and was babyed for pver a year by her until i stopped wetting. This included being fed a botle every night 

  4. Guest28432286

     I am a 17 year old girl and i was a bedwetter form age 13 to just past my 16th birthday and my parents made me wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night!Mom would come into my room at bed time,take out the diapers,pins,plastic pants and baby powder and lay them on my bed and then i had to lay down and she pinned the diapers on me then put the plastic pants on over them.I felt like a big baby!

  5. Guest28431319

    I'm often babysitting a 11 year old in the neighborhood. Shes still a bedwetter and has to wear pampers evernight. She is very embarassed about, especially when i stay over night and have to put her in a diaper for bedtime. I have talked to her mom about that and asked her if it wouldnt be better to let her try it herself when im there but her mom insists that i have to do it. She knows her dughter hates it but says if she dont want to get diapered still she should just stopping wetting her bed (as if it is that easy)

    I was a bedwetter myself when i was younger but i got pull up pyjama pants so i never got into that embarassing situation.

  6. Guest28431160

     I am a girl,16 and a bedwetter and i have to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] to bed every night!I have been wearing them for a year now and its rough being a teen girl and having to wear cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night!Mom pins the cloth diapers on me at bedtime then puts the rubberpants on over them.they are adult size rubberpants and fit me blousy and crinkle when i move around and walk.I have a pink two piece footy pajama outfit that i wear in cooler weather,and the diapers and rubberpants bulge out under the bottoms.

  7. Guest28430790

     I love to wear adult pink fleece diapers made from heavenly soft pink fleece pillow cases, and pink fleece footed pajamas over the diaper! I sleep like a "Baby" in them! I would Love To Be Breastfed In Them; With Respect; Babied.

  8. Guest28429797

     I was a twice a night bedwetter until I was nine years old and would wet at least 3 to 4 times a month until I was 12. Mom got tired of this when I was 5 and told me if I was going to wet like my little brothers and sister I would be wearing diapers and rubberpants like them. My sister was out of diapers within 3 months of me being put into diapers. Mom said that since she was dry she would sleep in my bed and Iwas put into her crib.within 2 years I was the only one in diapers and after I was 9 wore rubberpants for 3 years and mom let everyone know that they were my rubberpants because I still wet  at night like a baby

  9. Guest28429342

     When I was 5 we went for a summer vacation with my grandma and mothers 2 sister's and their children. I was still a bedwetters and when I got there I found out I was going to put in to night diapers and rubberpants and I would have to sleep in a youth bed like my 3 year cousin and 2 babies. The first week was embarrassing but I adjusted. Thinking it would be over after the vacation. When I got home my room had a youth bed and I was told I was staying in diapers until I stopped wetting the bed which I did for 3 years and rubberpants for a year after just in case pantsNUEVA CALLE

  10. Guest28429322

    When i was a little kid i was in diapers at night untill 5 though i still had accidents quite often. When i was 8 my little sister was born and the wetting got a little more often again. Not long after this my mom had enough to change my sisters diapers AND my wet sheets. So she introduced a new system, I got a callendar for every weak, and with more than 3 "clouds i would have to wear diapers for a week. I think that unsettled me even more, so that since then i only had a few weeks without diapers at night, and i am 15 now. My sister is 7, the rule applies to her too, but currently she can sleep without, im so jeolus and embarassed about.

  11. Guest28428206

     When my son was young 5 and still wetting the bed i used to tell him if he didn't stop i would put diapers and plastic pants on him. I used to wake him to go the bathroom every night with no success. One night when I got him and pulled dpwn his pants he had diapers and plastic pants on and was wet.i was surprised but rediapered him and put him back to bed. In the morning I found him wet and when I  got him up he cried and said he was sorry  for wearing them. That morning I wet to the store and bought larger plastic pants for him. When he got home I assured him it was ok if he wanted to wear them. To my surprise he asked if he could sleep in a crib and have a bottle like my one year old daughter. I told him if he want to he could but cribs and bottles were for babies. He said he wanted too. That i dressed for bed in diapers and plastic pants and feet pajamas and put him in a crib with a bottle in the nursery with his sister. After a month th he did t want to sleep in the crib or want a bottle but wanted to continue wear diapers and plastic pants. I continue d this for 2  years when his sister was trained he stopped also and no more diapers. I think he was jealous of his sister and I didn't mind it saved me a lot time on was in sheets

  12. Guest28427924

     I also was put into training pants and rubber pants for bedwetting because my mother was trying to shame me to stop me from wetting the bed. When I was young it was common for mother's to use either diapers with rubber pants or rubber pants over training pants. In my case it back fired because after wearing them for 2 years I enjoyed the attention of my mother dressing at night. I used to wet when I woke so she would continue to baby me. After about  6 months she finally caught me and asked me about why I was doing it. I told her and the rubber pants were gone. She told me if she caught me again with them she dress and treat me like a baby and expose me to my friend's. So needless to say that was the end of my baby days

  13. Guest28427898

     I didn't wear diapers but mother put training like pants and rubber pants  (which she called my baby pants) on me every night until I stopped wetting the bed at 11 year's old. It was embarrassing when my friend's mother's were visiting and she tel me to go get my baby  pants and then put them on me telling them I had to wear them because I wasn't completely night trained. Most  agreed  that it was best to keep me  in rubber pants until I was dry at night.many would say to me how their 3 year olds didn't need rubber pants any more and it was best that mother keep in baby pants until I was dry at night 











  14. Guest28427885

     When i was almost 6 and still wetting the bed twice a night my mother's friends suggested they maybe a couple of months back in diapers and plastic pants would give me incentive to stop. The first night was so embarrassing having diapers and plastic pants put on.when mom realised how well they worked I wasn't allowed out of them for over 2 years. She also kept  a rubber sheet on my bed until I was 14

  15. Guest28427844

     I was put back into diapers and plastic pants when my sister was potty trained. It was for punishment for wetting the bed twice a night. My mother embarrassed me all the time telling everyone that I still was in diapers slept in a crib at 6 years old.i would come home from school and the diapers and super size plastic pants would be on the clothes line. My mother referred to me as the baby.i was teased by other kids and by neighbors I wore them for over a year until was dry most nights but had to wear lined training plastic pants until I was 11 and put them on me every nigh and it didn't matter who she did of in front of it was so embarassing.








  16. Guest28427795

    I'm 16 now and i was in diapers every night until 10 and again for some month when i was 12/13 because i was wetting again a couple of times. My sister is 9 and still in nightime diapers, and i have no doubts that my mom would put me back into diapers if i start to have accidents again (if ists just one time its fine, can happen to everyone, but a couple of times within a month would be bad) I'm still afraid of going to sleepovers or having a bf

  17. Guest28427289

     Yes and my mother shamed me for over 3 years letting her friends tease me and put me in diapers and rubber pants 

  18. Guest28427273

     There was me and my two sisters in our family-no brothers.The three of us were 14 months apart.Ironically we didnt wet the bed when we were little,but instead starting wetting the bed entering puberty.I was the oldest,and my bedwetting started just after i turned 12.There were no disposable diapers then,so mom put me into cloth baby diapers and super size baby rubberpants.At bedtime,my two sisters would help put the diapers and rubberpants on me and i felt somewhat weird.After a month of being in the diapers and rubberpants,mom decided to level the playing the playing field and told my sisters that they were going to start wearing the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed and that as long as i was wearing them,it would be just as easy to do all three of us at one time.So she got more cloth diapers,diaper pins,and the super size rubberpants for my sisters and started putting them on the two of them along with me at the same time.Even tho my sisters werent bedwetters yet,they didnt mind wearing the diapers and rubberpants to bed.My bedwetting went on all thru 12,13 and part of 14.By then both sisters were wetting the bed also and were all ready used to the cloth diapers and rubberpants.Even tho i stopped my bedwetting past 14,mom to me that to keep the playing field level,i still had to wear the diapers and rubberpants to bed and that it would continue until youngest sister stopped.So the diapers and rubberpants were put on me along with my sisters,even tho i didnt need them.I was just past 17 when youngest sister finially stopped her bedwetting and all three of us got rid of our diapers and rubberpants for good.

  19. Guest28418980

     When  I was 5and a half mom got sick and I had to go live with my mother's sister and her 3 children.At the time she didn't know I was a twice a night bedwetter and had occasional day accidents.After the 2nd night she asked if I wet every night and if I always sucked my thumb. I told her yes. She said ok she would take care of it. Later that day I pooped and wet my pants and soon found out what she meant about taken care of it.I was given a bath and taken to her babies room she had 2 children still in diapers.I was put in diapers and rubber pants with a bib and put and high chair and fed.after Iwas put in a crib with a bottle and told that I was going to be treated a baby until I stopped my babyish behavior this lasted for almost2years ears



  20. Guest28417295

     I am a girl 17 and i babysit for a family with a newly adopted 14 year old daughter and they have her in cloth pin on diapers and plastic pants 24/7.When she is wet,i change her just like a baby and when she gets ready for bed,i put extra cloth diapers on her with baggy fitting plastic pants over them.

  21. Guest28362658

     I was put back into diapers when I was almost six.Our neighbors almost 3 year old became completely trained and she gave all his diapers and rubberpants and bibs to my mother. She also gave her the the baby crib and high chair. At the time I was still sucking my thumb so mom bought baby bottles and pacifiers. That night Iwas bathed and diapered like a baby in front of my sisters and put high chair to be fed.After supper cleaned me and fed me a bottle and put me in the crib with a Binky with a baby style sleeper.This went on for a year until my wetting subsided and I was allowed to sleep in a bed bur had to wear rubberpants for 2 years for occasional accidents and mom always came in put them on me at night 

  22. Guest28321954

    I have always loved to wear Plastic Baby Panties.  After the age of  3, my mom quit changing my Rubber Baby Panties.  I missed how nice they felt between my thighs and the babyish rustle they made between my legs.  I missed my mom checking my Plastic Baby Pantie by slipping a finger in between the leggings of my rubber baby pantie, while standing totally exposed in front of  other moms, babysitters and neighbor girls.  I started wetting my pants again and eventually was put back in my Plastic Baby Panties.  I loved spreading my legs wide after my pp was powdered and lifting my bottom, while I was being changed into a pastel colored Snap On Plastic Baby Pantie.  I would kick my legs like a baby or Toddler and smile at the babysitter or neighbor girl changing me, letting them know I loved having my Rubber Baby Panties Changed!!

  23. Guest28308952

     I am a 16 year old girl,going on 17 in 4 months,and an occassional bedwetter-usually 3 to 4 times a week,sometimes less.My parents require me to wear cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants to bed every night.I have to pin them on with baby diaper pins and then put the blousy fitting plastic pants on over them.the crotch of the plastic pants bunches up between my legs and they crinkle when i walk.My parents wont by me disposables as they say the cloth diapers and"rubberpants" are appropriate for teen girls my age.

  24. Guest28308951

    My mother is a divorced nurse. When she works a 12 hour night shift, me and my sister stay at our next door neighbors house for the night. This is for a two week stretch then she is off for a week then days for two weeks and so on. Our neighbors are real nice and have two girls. When this routine started three years ago,  I was 11. Layla was my age and in my six grade class. Her sister, Lisa in fifth and my sister Sue was in fourth. I was a bedwetter. I had an embarrassing noisy plastic sheet and would have to clean up the mess on wet mornings.   I'll never forget the shock a week before mom called us all together for a family meeting to discuss rules for our staying next door. We would eat dinner at six then get ready for bed by seven at that time, over to their house and mom would leave. I thought it strange that I was sleeping in Layla's room since I was a boy. She had one of those pull out beds. "Mom, I can't sleep with a girl!" That's when she told me they had all discussed it and decided it would be ok under the circumstances with a slight smile. Tony, you are not going to like this but there is no other solution, she paused. You will have to wear special protection at night while sleeping next door. Don't worry, we use them in the hospital all the time and Linda and I have already talked to the girls. They will not make fun or embarrass you and understand it's not your fault. "Special protection? What are you talking about?"  She was looking right at me " diapers tony you will be in night diapers"  Sue giggled and mom continued. Tony, we can't have you wetting Layla's bed even with the plastic sheet the room would smell. It's the only way plus Linda didn't know where to put a boy you can't sleep in the living room for two weeks at a time. Her and Layla feel ok with a boy in her room if the boy is diapered.  I have to be at work at 8. We can't use disposables if we diaper you before you go over but cloth will work. But if you want to wait till bedtime Linda can diaper you using disposable ones over there. Which way is up to you. I tried to talk her out of it but no use.  I was going to be diapered and that was that. We are going to start this week so you can get used to the idea and the feeling of them. That was the first time I was taped into a nighttime disposable diaper.  The plastic pants were slipped over "just in case". They were way to big but mom said that's how they fit. They also work with cloth diapers so they are loose fit but the legs and waist are tight.

    Sue smiled and gave me a big hug when she saw I was about to cry. Then she told mom if it will make Tony happy, I'll wear diapers too! I'll never forget that and love her so much. Mom said no you don't need to. She said this isn't punishment it's just necessary and no one will laugh. She was right but Layla would sometimes tease me a little. But she was so nice sharing her room and things never saying anything about my diapers to friends. I became quite popular with her friends as I was over there a lot. At about 9:30 Layla's mom takes me into her room for my diapers. She puts a folded baby diaper in the middle then powder then pulls it up and tapes it. Baby pants then pj bottoms all done and ready for a dry night. The diaper walk back to Layla's room with the crinkle of the plastic. Layla likes the diaper bulge and always tells me I am so cute. The door is always required to be left open to her room. And I pull out my bed and sleep.   











  25. Guest28304083

     I finially made my First holy communion at age 11 and per the parish requirements for the girls,i had to wear the communion dress and veil with white tights and white shoes.we had to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under the tights with a white under shirt as our top.Since i was kind of on the petite side,mom put toddler size rubberpants on me over the diaper.After my first communion,she put the diaper,rubberpants and tights in my drawer and after that i had to wear them on christmas eve and easter sunday  untill i was 15,just short of my 16th birthday when she finially put them in with my communion was different wearing the diaper,rubberpants and tights for easter and christmas eve at 14 and 15!

  26. Guest28303134

     Yes,i am a girl,and was a bedwetter and wore "cloth diapers and rubberpants" to bed every night untill i was almost 16.My diapers were the gerber 27x27 inch flat cloth diapers pinned on me with diaper pins and i wore the Empire brand extra large-super size rubberpants over them.

  27. Guest28281584
    Cloth diapers plastic pants until age 12 when thankfully it stopped. Mom made the decision back when I was younger and we just stayed with it. While I didn't really like the idea as I got older I did like waking up in a dry bed even if the diaper was wet.
  28. Guest28266832

     I am 22 and still wear a diaper due to bladder problem. As a child my parents made the choice. As a teen it was decide by my parents and myself to continue to use them for  protection. 


  29. Guest28259444

     I am a girl.17 and have been a bedwetter for the last 3 years since i was just past 14 and i still wear cloth diapers and adult plastic pants to bed every night.My parents believe the cloth diapers and plastic pants are better for girls for bedwetting and i dont mind wearing them.

  30. Guest28259086
    I wore cloth diapers an plastic pants till I was 15 for bedwetting for me it was better then waking up laying in my wet bed every morning I didn't mine wearing diapers my brother was a bedwetter too he hated wearing them I also had some other male cousin that wet there beds too and also wore diapers so bedwetting and wearing diapers was very common among the males in my family.both of my sons were also bedwetters and I gave them diapers to wear if they wanted and they chose diapers over a wet bed
  31. Guest28222491

     I am a girl and was adopted when i was 14.The first night in my new home i was told to take a nice bath and then i would get ready for bed.After my bath i came into my room and there were cloth diapers,diaper pins,babypowder and plastic pants laying there on my bed and mom told me i wouls be wearing them from then on.I didnt argue,i was told to lay down on my bed and mom then slid the diapers under me,baby powdered me,then pinned the diapers on me then pulled the plastic pants up my legs.after they were on,i was put into footy pajamas.My new mom then took me over to my dresser and showed me the two drawers,one with the diapers in it and the other with the plastic pants in it and told me i would be wearing them 24/ for the next year i wore cloth diapers and plastic pants all the time with tee shirts and after i was adjusted,i was taken out of the diapers.

  32. Guest28170480

     I started waring diper at age 9 because i started wetting my bed at night and my mom got tired of buying new shets for my bed so she made me ware dipers agine and i have never stoped i am 12 years old and i have to ware my dipers all the time now becaus t starter wetting my pants during the day it is vary embarising to have to stay after class and have your femail teacher check your diper to see if you peed or pooped in your diper ten to have to get on a changing table and have your pants and underware pulled off and your but wiped down and a diper put on you by a teacher

  33. Guest28162368

    I was potty trained by age 2, I began wetting the bed off and on at age 5. My mother would make me wear thick training pants along with the traditional rubber sheet on my bed.When I was 6 one of my friends who lived in the neighborhood asked me to stay overnight. I asked my mother and she said yes. I walked to my friends house and ate dinner and we played for a while.His mother told us we needed to take a bath and then bedtime. We got into the bathtub and she washed us, My friend toweled dry and then went into his bedroom while I was just getting out of the tub.I finished drying and then went into his bedroom only to find his mother pulling up a pair of plastic pants over his double diapers.He had twin beds and on my bed there were 2 cloth diapers,2 diaper pins and a pair of plastic pants hanging on the end of the bedpost. His mother said don't be embarrassed this is how we how bedwetting in our home. She said I spoke to your mother and she said that you still wet the bed often and I asked her if it would be ok to put you in diapers and plastic pants. Your mom said she was thinking about doing it herself and thought it would be a good idea to try it. She patted the bed and made me lay down while she lifted my legs an slid  he 2 diapers under my butt  while holding the diaper pins in her mouth.She spinkled baby powder over me and then pinned the diapers snugly. She then made me stand up and step into the plastic pants making sure the diapers were covered  by the plastic pants. She patted my butt and said see they are not so bad.She tucked us in and kissed us goodnight, I woke up in the morning and was soaked but bed was dry. His mom collected the wet diapers and plastic pants and handed me my training pants. We ate breakfast and his mother handed me a box to give to my mother. I walked home not knowing what was in the box. When I got home I gave the box to my mother and she opened the box which was full of cloth diapers, diaper pins and several pairs of plastic pants.That was the beginning of me in cloth diapers everynight for bedwetting.

  34. Guest28162351

    I was potty trained before 2 years but started wetting the bed around 4 off and on. My mother nade me wear thick training pants for years along with the traditional rubber sheet on the bed. When I was 6 a friend in the neighborhood asked me to stay over night and my mom said I could. I went to his house and we ate dinner and we played for a while.Later his mom came and told us it was time for a bath and then bedtime.She put us in the bathtub and washed us.My friend has twin beds in his bedroom  and after I dried myself off I walked into his bedroom and his mother was putting double cloth diapers on him along with plastic pants.I looked at my bed and on the bed were 2 cloth diapers, 2 diaper pins, baby powder and on the bedpost there was a pair of plastic pants. His mom explained he was a bedwetter and nothing to be ashamed about it, this is how she handles his bed wetting.She said I spoke to your mom and she said you also wet the bed many nights also and was thinking of using diapers and plastic pants instead of your training pants.I asked her if it would be alright to diaper you and she said that would be fine.She patted the bed and made mr lay down on top. she lifted my legs and slid the 2 diapers under me as she had the pins in her mouth.She spinkled baby powder on me and then pinned the diapers snugley.After that she me me stand up and step into the plastic pants as she pullrd them up and made sure thet were covering the diapers.She said thats not so bad is it.I said no and she kissed us and tucked us in and turned out the light.In the morning  I was awake and felt the wet diaper under my plastic pants.She came in pulled of the diaper and plasric pants.She handed me a bag and said give this to your mother. As I was walking home I was wondering what was in the bag, When I got home my mom opened the bag and showed me it was full of cloth diapers,pins and plastic pants. She said since it worked do well at my friends house she figured she would just start using them at home.A few days later I heard her talking to my friends mother thanking her for the diapers and plastic pants and that they worked perfectly.

  35. Guest28160154
    I also was still wetting the bed at almost six. One day I came home and had wet my pants which I did often. Mom was outraged and call my aunt and told her what happened and asked her if she could send my cousin over with diapers for me. My 3 year old cousin had just been completely trained. My aunt sent over diapers Rubber pants Powder and diaper pins and my cousin told mom that my aunt would bring over more later. In front of my cousin a 10 year old girl mom stripped me telling my her I was still a baby. I was then diapered and put in Rubber pants. My cousin asked mom if she tell her mother to bring the crib and other baby furniture .Mom said that would be a good idea because it didn't look like I was going to stop wetting the bed soon. She also told her to have her mother bring over the training pants and the potty Chair since I couldn't keep my big boy pants dry I would have to wear baby pants. That afternoon my aunt arrived with all the baby stuff I was so nervous I wet pants . My aunt noticed and told mom asked her to change me. I was changed by my aunt told me mom should have put on me along time ago. My mother shamed me until I stopped at eight years old I in front of neighbors relatives and hung the baby pants and diapers out for everyone to see. I had accidents at night until I was 14 and if I had an accident mom would come to my room and put lined rubber pants on me for two weeks and if I wet them I had to wear them for a month>She would hang them on the clothes line while I was being punished for wetting and some of the neighbors would tease me.
  36. Guest28160047
    I was still wetting the bed at age six. My mom tired of washing wet sheets took me to Woolworths and bought me super size rubber pants. She also bought training rubber pants and other baby supplies. When we got to the counter she made sure the saleswoman and people waiting in line knew they were for me for bedwetting. When I got home my Older sisters had put up a crib and a dressing table up in my room. Matters became worse when the Dyed Diaper truck came and all the neighbors saw him bringing in the diapers and diaper pail into the house. Mom told them they were for me because I was still wetting my bed like a baby. Mom took me into the kitchen and told me since I was behaving like a baby wetting my bed and pants at times she would be treating me like a not fully trained toddler until such time as I was completely dry. I sat there crying and sucking my thumb as mom removed my clothes and put the training rubber pants on me. Then she put me in the high chair and put a bib on me telling me I was a baby. All day I was taken to the potty for training and sat on the toilet with the baby training pants pulled down to my ankles. That night I was given a bath and brought to my room and Diapered and rubber panted like a baby. This lasted for 2 years at night but the day trainers were not used after a month except if we went for a long ride in the car Mom also kept me in rubber pants for another year and I had a rubber sheet on my bed until I became a teenager. A few of my girl friends used to tease me asking me if I still wore rubber pants at night. They told me I used to so cute in them. my wife found out from my sisters and would tease me saying if I wasn't good she put rubber pants on me
  37. Guest28159840

     Me and my sister,who was a year younger than me,never really got out of diapers from the time we were potty trained.Mom used cloth diapers and rubberpants[plastic pants] on us when we were babies all the way up to around age 3 when we were potty trained.after that she kept a few of our cloth diapers and rubberpants and put them on us for church,holidays,and special occasions.We always wore a diaper and rubberpants under our easter dresses and then for thanksgiving and were diapered early on christmas eve and wore them to late mass then to bed,then on christmas day as well.we both wore them under our communion dresses when we were 7 and 8 for our first communions and when we were 10 and 11,we were flower girls in a wedding and wore them under our flower girl dresses was somewhat old fashioned and believed girls should be cute and little girlish for special occasions.sis and i finially got out of the diapers and rubberpants when we were 15.

  38. Guest28157323

    I was out of diapers by 2 and back in them at 5. I started wetting the bed every night and my mother would put towels under the sheets to soak up my pee. My mother was very frustrated as this was not working as a solution.We had a neighbor named Betty who was always at our house talking to my mother. Betty had a 5 year old son named Danny who was still in cloth diapers and plastic pants full time.Betty was frustrated about Danny's slow potty training.I remember my mother telling Danny if he would start wearing big boy underwear she would give him ice cream.I looked at Betty and she was pointing to Danny's cloth diapers and plastic pants and then looking at me whispering to my mother.I did not think about it at the time and went outside to play.I came in early evening and walked into the kitchen and at the table was Betty and my mother smoking a cigarette.On top of the table were a stack of cloth diapers,diaper powder and several pairs of plastic pants.My mother started taking off my shoes and pulled down my pants along with my underpants.As she was doing this Betty was folding two diapers on the floor while holding 2 diapers pins in her mouth.Betty made me sit down on the diapers and sprinkled baby powder over me.She then pinned the diapers on me tightly. She held out a pair of blue plastic pants and made me step into them sliding them up and making sure the diapers were tucked under the plastic pants.She laughed and told my mother if I was a heavy wetter she could fold a 3rd diaper and use it as a soaker. I was in cloth diapers and plastic pants till 15. My mother would hang my diapers and plastic pants on the outside clothes line for all the neighbors to see.I would stay over night ay Danny's, Betty would diaper me at bedtime as Danny would eventually be potty trained.

  39. Guest28157027
    In the late 70's early 80's I was a bedwetter and had to wear regular night diapers and plastic pants. Mom tried everything she could think of to get me to stop bedwetting but finally it came down to making me comfortable for the night ad get a good nights sleep. At first I did not like having to wear them but on assured me that they were only to keep things dry at night and not to embarrass me. She also bought me the babydoll style pj's so that the poufy panty would over the plastic pants and nobody could see what I had on underneath. Looking back it didn't really matter because everyone in the house knew what I was wearing anyways but at the time it made me feel better plus the plastic pants mad noise. I finally stopped bedwetting at age 10 and was glad that I did.
  40. rickynoltensmeier

     i dare anyone to try and put a cloth diaper and rubber pants on me. for 1 nobody is woman enough to put them on me. and for 2 i bet cloth diapers and rubber pants will not fit me. so go ahead and try to prove me wrong. if you think you can e-mail me at . but i bet nobody will because i am right.

  41. Guest28154515

     I was punished for wetting the bed by my mom and put back into diapers at bedtime. I was also cloth diapered complete with baby pants under my clothes and sent to school. I remember when they took us down to the boys room and I had to stand at the urinal and pull down my fly to make it look as though I was relieving myself only to see my diapers and baby pants that stopped my from doing so. I believe this was the reason I became am to this day into infantilism.


  42. Guest28154510

    I travel a lot for work. Being a lifelong bedwetter I have developed a system to keep the hotel beds dry.  I carry with me plastic pants and depends. I will scope out the hotel for garbage cans so I can discreetly toss my wet depends in the morning.  Many hotels now a days have no garbage cans available  I'm not sure why. In those hotels I make myself a cloth diaper out of a bath towl. I fold it diaper size and add a hand towl in the front. I also put a hand towl inside the depend and in either case always wear plastic pants. In the morning the towels go in the shower til they are rinsed.  I have had to be diapered at night as long as I can remember. When young mom would diaper me. By the time I was ten I was pinning myself up. I had a pail and would do my own washing every week.

  43. Guest28150399

     i am 17 and a girl and a bedwetter and i still in cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants as my parents refer to them as] and have been wearing them since i was 14 and it doesnt look like there is an end in site.

  44. Guest28148365

     My best friend maddie started wetting the bed when she was 14 and her parents right away put her into cloth diapers and rubberpants[plastic pants[ that were in adult sizes.when ever i would sleep over at her house,i would watch her mom put the cloth diapers and rubberpants on her at bedtime.the one saturday night when i slept over,her mom put the diaper and rubberpants on her then brought out some more diapers and a pair of rubberpants and told me i had to wear them also so she put them on me as well.then when maddie slept over at my house,she brought extra cloth diapers and rubberpants and my mom put them on us became our thing when ever we slept over at each others house.Maddie had pastel colored as well as baby print rubberpants and we wore mostly the babyprint ones under our pajamas.Soon we both started wearing the diapers and rubberpants under dresses to church and for holidays,etc.her bedwetting lasted untill she was past 16 and we both wore the diapers and rubberpants together untill she stopped.When we were confirmed at 16,we even wore the diapers and rubberpants under our required white confirmation was our secret.

  45. Guest28140972

     My sister talked mom and then me into trying diapers for my almost every night bedwetting. She was so nice about it that she had me agreeing after explaining how nice it would be to wake up not completely soaked from head to foot in pee. So at age 8 I started a routine that would last for ten years. I quickly became used to having thick cloth diapers and "baby pants" ( she would smile when she called them that).  After a few years she taught me how to pin them but almost every night she would come in before bed to check my "baby pants" to make sure I was covered. Then I would pull on pj s.  She left for collage when I was 16 so I was left on my own but mom would sometimes check me. About that time I quit wetting but mom asked me to continue to wear diapers just in case. For two more yeas I would diaper myself and pull on my baby pants till I left for college.  Even to this day my sister will sometimes pat my bottom and ask " how is my baby doing" with a smile.

  46. Guest28140750
    When I was six I stole a pair of Babies rubber pants from my neighbors clothes line.I wanted to see what they felt like to wear them as mom had threaten me with wearing them for bedwetting.Mom found them in my room and asked me where I got them.She then took me to our neighbors house to return them.Mom explained the story to her and she suggested that a couple of weeks in diapers and rubber pants would be a good punishment for stealing and would keep my bed dry.Mom said great Idea and my neighbor put me in diapers and rubber pants and they both laughed and said that I was a big baby.Mom took me home and my older sisters were roaring laughing.The two weeks of being a baby was tough but when it was over mom and my sisters said I was going to stay in Night diapers with rubber pants until I stopped bedwetting.For the next two and half years Iwas diapered at nightand when I stopped mom put training rubber pants on me for another year.My neighbor lady used to tease me every time she saw me saying are those your rubber pants on the clothes you must still wet the bed
  47. Guest28139537

     I am 16 and just recieved my sacrement of confirmation on may 4th and per the parish requirements,all of us girls had to wear a white under shirt,cloth diaper,'rubberpants'[plastic pants]and white tights under our formal white was quite weird wearing them and the boys stared at us girls and made us feel embarrassed somewhat.

  48. Guest28139101

     i am a 16 year old girl and a bedwetter and i am still in cloth diapers and plastic pants at parents require me to wear them.

  49. Guest28136763

     I always was a bedwetter. When I was 12 a neighbor talked my mom and older sister into trying diapers for me. The neighbors daughter was 9 and she wore them every night. That night I was put into the girls borrowed diapers and baby pants. I don't know why, but I didn't ever question or fight mom or my sister. I was in a house that that women were in charge and I simply did as I was told.  I still remember how embarrassed I was being diapered every night by my sister.  She would make me stand and put on my baby pants so they could be checked for coverage all around. Often my diapers and the pants would be on the clothes line right next to the girls diapers also drying next door.   We never talked much to each other but she stoped wearing them long before I did











  50. Guest28135754

    I'm a male and was diapered through 10th grade. However I was allowed to pin myself up from age 12 on.  In the morning I would pull the  diapers and plastic pants down.  If they were wet, I took them in the shower with me and rinsed them. There was a nabor girl that "baby sat" me and my little sister off and on till I was about 14. My parents didn't think I was mature enough to watch my lil sister who never had a wetting problem. So, when the girl would watch us I would be already  in thick night diapers and plastic pants so she wouldn't have to do it to a boy only 3 years younger.  Mom would put extra padding on me those nights cause of the earlier diaper time.  My pj' would be streached and very bulky.  So embarising !!   










  51. Guest28131868

     I am female and i started wetting the bed just after i turned 13 and i to was put into cloth baby diapers pinned on me with diaper pins and wore the super large size rubber pants from woolworths and playtex over them.every night at bed time it was lay on my bed while mom slid the diapers under me.rubbed lotion on me,powdered me,then pinned the diapers on me,then it was raise up my legs and she pulled the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.I had a whole drawer full of the cloth diapers and rubberpants in colors and baby prints.I felt like a baby wearing them at night and sometimes would suck my thumb after i was in made me wear the diapers and rubberpants under my dresses for easter,thanksgiving and christmas and to weddings,etc.even tho i didnt need them during the daytime.she felt they made me feel cuter and little girlish under my dresses.When i went thru my catholic confirmation in 8th grade,i hade to wear a white,poofy dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes and mom made me wear the cloth diapers with a pair of my babyprint rubberpants over them under my dress for the whole bedwetting lasted till i was 15 and a half and i wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants the whole time.i was so glad to be out of them!

  52. Guest28128019

    I had few bedwetting accidents when I was 9 and a friend of my mom was over for a weekend, of course what happened I wet the bed that weekend. This lady did some kind of daycare or something for kids and told my mother that if I were her son she would have me wearing diapers at night until I learned not to wet the bed. I was pretty upset and at the time my mom was just talking to her friend, and here we are the next weekend on friday night and my moms friend is back over. So after we have supper that night and we are watching a movie and my moms friend all of a sudden says to my mom don't you think we should talk to "me" about wearing the baby diapers she brought with her for me. I turn and look at my mom and she says that they talked about this last week and she wanted to at least try the diapers for the weekend while we had the chance. My mom's friend gets up and comes back in with a diaper bag and asks me if I wanted to have my mom diaper me or she would. I tried to ask my mom why would we use a diaper and her friend says that bedwetters wear diapers and she talked to my mom about helping her get me started with wearing baby diapers again at night. I see her start to open up the diaper bag and taking out stuff like wipes and powder and then she takes out a diaper, I don't know what kind it was but it had elmo and big bird on it and then she takes out a changing pad and looks at me and says come on lets get your diaper on. I look at my mom and she is like maybe it's time that I wear a diaper for a while if i am going to keep wetting the bed. So my mom's friend did end up putting the diapers on me and my mom said we are just trying these out.

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  54. Guest28119812

     I am in my mid 20s and started wetting the bed due to some emotional problems when i was 16 and a half.My parents informed right away that i was going to be put into cloth diapers and rubber pants[adult size] and bought me 4 dozen cloth diapers,diaper pins,the rubber pants,baby powder and desitin.that first night i had to take off my clothes and lay on my bed and mom pinned a dozen diapers on me,then pulled the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.i then put my footy pj's on and she made me walk out and show dad.the rubberpants crinkled and i was quite embarrassed! my bedwetting lasted untill after i graduated high school and i wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants the entire time.

  55. Guest28118360

    Yes they were.  I had rubber pants/sheets I had to wear/use up until age 11.

  56. Guest28111252

    I ended up wearing cloth diapers at my aunts house after my cousin told her I wet my pants. I didn't wet them it was from us being in the pool and I left my underwear on. When i put my pants back on they got wet from my underwear. My aunt seen my wet pants and told me to go in the living and take them off, she put a towel on the floor and told me to sit there til she got back. She took my clothes down to the basement laundry. When she came back up she went into her hall closet and came back in the living room with cloth diapers and plastic pants and said she had nothing else for me to wear but the diapers. My aunt diapered me and left me with just my shirt and diaper on. She said once she washed my clothes i could have them back but that wasn't until the next morning.

  57. Guest28109874

    It w as normal in are family for all bedwetters to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed I did till I was 13 my brother did till he was 15 as well as a lot of my cousins also there were other kids in the neighbor hood that wet there beds and wore diapers this was in north east pa I think its were your brough up as a bedwetter weather or not diapers are used to control it

  58. Guest28107062

     I am a woman and grew up back in the 60s and 70s and was a bedwetter for quite a while.I started the bedwetting when i was 11 and wore regular baby cloth diapers pinned on with diaper pins and had baby powder,diaper rash ointment used on me every night.the rubber pants i wore were toddler large size from playtex and also the super large size Pata-cake brand from Woolworths.they fit me snug and sometime left a red ring around both leg joints at my hips.Every night i had to lay on my bed while mom put the diaper and rubber pants on me.tey were the only choice for bedwetters back then and i admit i did feel somewhat like a baby laying there in bed with them on.I entered my teen years wearing them and it was rough being a teen girl and having to wear a diaper and rubber pants to bed every night.i was just past my 16th birthday when the bedwetting stopped.i still wore the diaper and rubber pants for a couple of weeks to be sure it had stopped for good.I was so happy to be out of them!

  59. Guest28103327

     When I was about 12 we visited an old friend of my moms in Chicago area.  She had daughters my age and a younger son about 9. I remember having so much fun playing and riding bikes. But that night my mom asked me if I would help her out by wearing a diaper for my bedwetting. At home I just would sleep on a very noisy plastic sheet that was soo embarising.  We just delt with the landury and smell as best as we could. I was only wetting about twice a week and her and my sister (13) were understanding. I had never thought about diapers and when she asked me I was caught off guard. Didn't know what to say. I must have been beat red in the face.  She continued saying Jason (the 9 year old) wears them too.

    hhhhhfbedwetting FFA

  60. Guest28100417

     Hi,i am a girl and started wetting the bed at age 13.i had no choice in the matter! my parents bought me cloth baby diapers,diaper pins,adult size rubber pants,baby powder,diaper rash ointment,etc.and every night i had to lay on my bed like a baby while mom powdered me then pinned the diapers on me then pulled the rubber pants up my legs and over the diapers.The rubber pants fit me baggy and crinkled when i walked around.i had a two peice footy pajama outfit and the diapers and rubber pants bulged out under the bottoms and i looked like a toddler. i went thru catholic confirmation at 14 and had to wear a white poofy dress and veil and they made me wear the diapers and rubber pants under the bedwetting finially stopped just before my 16 th birthday and it was h**l having to wear the diaper and rubber pants to bed untill then.

  61. Guest28099080

    Like others here I too wet my bed growing up and around age 7 mom decided that I had to wear diapers and plastic pants in bed at night.  I didn't want to and tried to get out of it however mom prevailed and on they would go at bedtimes.  At first I was embarrassed and humiliated laying there in bed with diapers and plastic panties on under my pj's.  I did start to get used to it and wore them for almost 5 years every night.

  62. Guest28094661

    Well at 25 I still wet the bed, this started back when I was 3 and it never really stopped, I have been in diapers all my life, every night, every day. It was partley my Mums choice and Partley my choice but I am gratfull that I am still wearing diapers because it dosent show when I have an acciident and I can just change.

  63. Guest28094223

     I am a girl and started wetting the bed at 13.I was put into cloth diapers and rubber pants with no choice in the parents told me they are what i had to wear.I didnt like wearing them,they made me feel like a baby at bedtime.I had to wear them untill i stopped wetting just before i was 16.

  64. Guest28092239

     I am a girl and started wetting the bed at age 14.Like the other girls here,i too was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubber pants] every night.My mom took my bedwetting to the extreme and made me baby print cloth diapers as well as pink,yellow and blue ones.she got me baby print rubber pants as well as the pastel colored ones also.I had the whole nine yards-diaper pins,baby powder,baby lotion,diaper rash ointment and baby oil.Every night at bed time,i would take a shower then go into my room where my mom had the diaper,rubber pants,pins powder,lotion and diaper rash oitment all laid out on my bed.I then took my bathrobe off and laid down on my bed and mom would rub the lotion on me then slide the diaper under my butt and then apply the rash oitment,then the baby powder.she would then bring the diaper up and pin it,then i would raise my legs up and she would put the adult size rubber pants on me.they fit me really blousy and bulged out over my diaper.she would then sprinkle baby powder on them and rub it in to keep them soft.i then put my night gown on over the diaper and rubber pants and then had to go and show dad i had them on.the rubber pants crinkled alot when i walked out to show him.In the winter time i wore either a two peice footy pajama or a blanket sleeper and the diaper and rubber pants bulged out under mainly put the babyprint diaper and pastel rubber pants on me as she said they were cuter and more babyish.I had to wear them for sleepovers and all my friends knew i had the diaper and rubber pants on.I felt like a baby wearing them and shortly before my 16th birthday i stopped the bedwetting.

  65. Guest28089170

     I'm 15 and still wet my bed and sometime have daytime accidents too.  My parents make me wear diapers and baby panties to bed which is ok because I don't like waking up in wet sheets.  But on weekends my mom makes me wear diapers to keep my skirts and dresses protected from accidents.  All my baby panties except one are the kind with snaps at the sides and they're very noisy.  When it's time to get dressed up, I'm allowed to have a fancy baby panty over the snap-ons which looks nicer but is even more noisy.  I'm not allowed to wear tights like my friends and have to wear fancy white ankle socks that match the fancy baby panty.  I feel so childish and can't wait until I can have white tights.  My mom says I can have tights when I'm completely dry at night and during the day. 

  66. Guest28089049

     I was caught stuffing towels in my briefs. She asked me why and I said it helps keep my bed dry. I was a bedwetter and always slept on a noisy plastic sheet. It was so embarrassing, I was always so afraid a friend would be in my room and sit on my bed. The problem with the plastic sheet was, when I would wet during the night, the pee would pool and I would end up soaked from head to foot. I mean the pee would be in my hair. It was awful. So I got this idea to stuff towels into a pair of my white briefs. It worked. The towl would be soaping wet but it wasn't all over me. The bed would still get wet but my mom was used to that. I'm not sure how I ever expected that she wouldn't find out but I was a kid so sure enough, she caught me.            Gggggggg 




  67. Guest28087421

     i am a girl and was a bedwetter from age 9 to 14 and wore a regular,thick cloth diaper with plastic pants[aka rubberpants] to bed every night.they were put on me a bed time.when i finially stopped after i turned 14,my mom kept 3 diapers and 3 pair of the rubberpants in my drawer and i was required to wear them for holidays,special occassions,etc.i had to wear them out on dates to prevent me from wanting to fool around.this went on untill i was 16 and my parents knew they could trust me.

  68. Guest28077960

    I did wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed until I was about 8 or 9.  My parents decided that I should have them for my everynight bedwetting.  About an hour before bedtime mom would take me to my room where she had the diapers, baby powder and rash ointment all ready to go.  When my diapers were on I would get off the bed and go to my dresser and get a pair of plastic pants to put on over my diapers, in the summer I only wore the diapers and plastic pants in bed, in the winter I wore pj's over the plastic pants.  I was always wet in the morning and took everything off and put them in the diaper pail.  I would the shower and dress for school.  Around the age of 9 I just stopped wetting the bed.  After awhile mom said I didn't have to wear the diapers and plastic pants anymore.

  69. Guest28072809

     I am 18 and a girl and was a bedwetter for 3 years from 13 to 16 and was made to wear cloth pin on diapers and toddler size plastic pants to bed every bed time .mom took the diapers,plastic pants,pins,baby powder and diaper rash ointment out of my drawer and i had to lay on my bed while shet put them on me.i didnt like them and felt like a real baby wearing them.the worst part was she made me wear the plastic pants under my holiday dresses for easter,thanksgiving and christmas so as she put it, 'I would feel cute and little girlish'.the last time i wore them was christmas eve and day when i was 16 and finially stoped wetting the bed shortly there after.

  70. Guest28072728

    Yes, I had to wear cloth diapers and rubber pants to bed every night until around the age of 9.

  71. Guest28067159

    Recently had occasion to  attend a family gathering and saw a 9 year old in night diapers and plastic pants for bedwetting.  They are still in use today even with the pullups that they have now.

  72. Guest28063342

    I had to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants for bedwetting until I turned 13. I didn't stop my EVERY night bedwetting but I was allowed to soak my sheets, blankets, and pillow instead of wearing diapers. I do mean soaked because I would usually wet more than once a night. After about a year of this I found myself really missing my diapers and asked if I could start wearing them again. To my surprise my mom said no. I continued wetting my bed nightly and once I turned 18 I chose to go back into diapers. What a relief that was. I didn't care how childish it seemed or looked it was just so much better waking up in a dry bed, well mostly dry most mornings, and just doing some laundry. By the time I turned 20 or 21 I started having an occasional dry night however the nightime diapers have been just part of my routine. I'm now 55 and have grown quite fond of my nightime diapers.

  73. Guest28046169

    I was a bedwetter until age eight.When I was  almost six my mothers friend told her she should put training pants and plastic pants on me at night. i was told that since I couldn't keep my bed dry like a big boy I would have to wear what little boys that are not night trained wear to bed.I think all my aunts and neighbors knew because mom kept them in plain view and hung them on the line to dry.It was really embaressing to have them put on in front of people but mom told me all I had to do was stop wetting and I wouldn't have to wear them.She would pull my pajama's down exposing my plastic pants telling her friends I was still a baby.I'm still teased  by sisters about wearing baby pants until I was eight.Even some of my high school girl friends used to ask me do you still wear rubberpants to bed.It was like it wouldn't go away


  74. Guest28045873

    Iwas still a bedwetter at age six.One night just before supper I fell asleep and soaked the living room couch.My motherwas outragedand draged me into the bathroom and took off my wet clothes and made me sit on the toilet like a baby while she ran the bath water.While doing this she told me since I couldn't stop wetting my bed sucking my thumb and having day time accidents she was going to start treating me like my two year old sister and I would be wearing Diapers and Rubber Pants at night and Training Pants with Rubberpants when not in schoolIwas told if my sister was potty trained before me I would be the baby in the house.Two months later my sister was completely trained and I became the baby in the houseI was put back in a crib at night made to eat in the high chair and treated like a two year old when not in school.Mom used to love to shame me infront of neighbors and aunst and diaperingand putting rubberpants on me and if my thumb was in my mouth she would put a bib on me and make me drink a bottle telling them I was still a baby.this went on until I was eight but she made me wear rubberpants until Iwas ten

  75. Guest28045071

     I am a girl 16 and i was a bedwetter up untill last year and wore cloth baby diapers and plastic pants to bed every parents required me to wear them and at bed time mom would come in and put them on me.she did me just like a baby,i had to lay on my bed,the diapers were slid under me,i was baby powdered,then the diapers brought up and pinned with baby diaper pins.i then had to raise up my legs and mom put my feet thru the waist and leg openings of the plastic pants and pulled them up my legs and over the diapers.i then put my night gown on and got into bed.I am so happy to not have to wear them any more!

  76. Guest28038329

     I am 15 and a catholic girl.Iam finially receiving my sacrement of baptism this easter weekend at easter vigil.i am going to wear poofy white above the knees dress with a flowerheadwreath and veil,lace anklets and white satin mary parents wre requiring to wear a cloth diaper and white plastic pants[rubberpants] under the dress with a white tee made my diaper from baby diapers being sewn together and will be pinned on me with pink diaper pins.the rubber pants are adult size and fit loose over my diaper.when i make my first communion in may i have to wear the diaper and rubber pants under my communion dress also.

  77. Guest28032392

     I am a girl,16 and a bedwetter and i am in cloth diapers and rubber pants at puts them on me after my shower while i lay on my bed.she powders me them pins the diaper on me then pulls the rubber pants up my legs over the rubber pants are all adult size and fit me baggy and crinkle when i walk around.i have all baby print rubber pants as i think they are cute and girly.

  78. Guest28031977

    Last summer I was out with my dad doing some errands for mom.  It was evening and we were on our way home.  We stopped by my uncle and aunts house.  We were standing in the kitchen and my dad and my uncle were talking and I could see down the hallway.  After a few minutes my 8 year old cousin walked out of the kids room and up the hall and into his bedroom, he was wearing the old fashioned plastic baby pants.  After a few more minutes my other cousin age 6 walked out of the kids room across the hall to her room, she to was wearing the plastic baby pants.

    Later when we were home I told mom what I saw and she told me that they both wet their beds and my aunt has them wear diapers to bed and that the twins 3 years old also wear diapers to bed.  4 kids wearing diapers to bed. Wow.

  79. Guest28030062

     I am 20 and a girl and i was a bedwetter from just before 13 to almost 16.I brought in on my self as i wasnt eating right and wanted to maintain my figure and also due to some emotional problems.My paerents took my bedwetting to the extreme,putting me into cloth baby diapers and adult size plastic pants[rubberpants as they called them].i had white and pastel colored rubber pants as well as babyprints and mom bought some baby print fabric and made me a dozen baby print diapers out of it also.Every night at bed time,mom would pick out the diaper and rubberpants[i had no choice] and lay them on my bed with the diaper pins,baby powder and desitin.i would take my clothes off and lay there while she did me just like a baby.i even had a pacifier for a while she would put in my mouth to suck on while she was diapering me.she would either put a white cloth diaper on me with the baby print rubber pants or a baby print diaper with a pair of pastel rubber pants over it.i was also made to wear a diaper and rubber pants under my holiday dresses and all day on easter sunday.i was in a wedding when i was 14 and was put into a baby print diaper with pink rubber pants over it and mom showed them to the bride and 15 and 16 it was very hard trying to be a 'normal teenage girl' and yet having to wear the diaper and rubberpants to bed every night.when i started dating at 15,they even made me wear a diaper and baby print rubber pants under my skirt or jeans.finially about 4 months after i turned 16,my bedwetting stopped and i was so happy!

  80. Guest28029337

    when I was almost six my mother friend talked her into putting me back in diapers and rubber pants.I woke up wet but the bed was dry so mom decided I would be trated like a baby until I stopped my babish behavior.To compound matters I also sucked my thumb.With in two weeks mom had me back in a crib and eating in a high chair.She also made me use a pacifie rat night.when we went out in the car I was made to wear the rubber pants over thick trainers.this went on for two years .

  81. Guest28007287

     i am a girl and was a bedwetter from 14 to 16 and my parents made me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants to bed every night and i hated it!they bought the diapers and plastic pants for me and told me they were appropriate for girls my age to wear for bedwetting.they were put on me every night at bed time.i felt like a baby with them on.the plastic pants were adult size and crinkled under my night gown and it was embarrassing having friends sleepover and them hearing the plastic pants crinkling.

  82. Guest27942544

    Growing up it was not unusual to know that there was a bedwetter in the neighborhood.  One of my girlfriends had a brother who was a bedwetter and he wore cloth diapers with plastic baby pants to bed at night.  When I slept over her house I would see her brother ready for bed he was in his pj's and there was the diaper bulge under his pj's and the baby pants made noise when he walked.  He seemed to have no problem with wearing the bedtime diapers and a lot of times in the summer he went to bed wearing only diapers and plastic pants.  I saw that too.


  83. Guest27926610

     I am a girl age 22 and was a bedwetter started just before my 12th birthday due to a bladder infection that caused my bladder muscles to weaken and also was a sound sleeper.i was put into a cloth diaper and rubberpants every night at bed time.i had no choice in the matter,as they are what my parents told me i had to wear.i had one drawer in my dresser with just the diapers,diaper pins and the rubberpants in it.every night i would take a shower,then come into my room and mom would have a cloth diaper,pins,rubber pants,powder and lotion laying on my bed and i had to take my robe off and lay down on my bed and she would put it all on me.the rubberpants fit me loose and crinkled under my nightgown.this went on untill i was past my 15th birthday and it was hard trying to be a normal teenager,yet knowing that every night i had a diaper and rubberpants put on me at bed bladder muscles finially strengthened up and i stopped wetting.i was so happy not to have to wear the diaper and rubberpants anymore!

  84. Guest27916425

     In my family there were just us three and my two sisters were just over a year apart.all three of us were bedwetters at one time or another and cloth diapers and rubberpants were the norm for us.our mom bought baby cloth diapers and sewed them together to make one diaper out of them.they were pinned on us with regular baby diaper pins.we had both toddler size and teen size rubberpants that we wore over the diaper.we mainly were bedwetters when we were younger,in the 6 to 11 year old range.but we still wet sometimes when we were teenagers up untill we were around 16 or so.our mom always put the diaper and rubberpants on us when we had to wear them and did us just like a baby with baby lotion and baby powder while we laid on our bed.all three of us were diapered under our easter dresses every year and also under our first communion and confirmation dresses as mom told us she didnt want us to have an accident on our special day.we all stopped wetting around 16 and were glad to get rid of the diapers and rubberpants!

  85. buyme95

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  86. Guest27912073

     HI,i am female and grew up in a large family-7 of us kids,4 girls and 3 boys.the cloth diapers and rubberpants were the standard worn for bedwetting at our house.when ever one of us started wetting the bed,we were immediately put into the cloth diapers and rubberpants at night,and the rest of us were instructed not to tease or face severe punishment.all 7 of us were bedwetters at some time or another so we all had the experience of being brothers did not like the diapers and rubberpants at all,but were told it was them or they chance their own beds every and my 3 sisters didnt mind the cloth diapers and rubberpants and wore them willingly.most of us wet into our eary teens before it stopped.

  87. Guest27901374

     hi,i am a female and when me and my 2 sisters and 1 brother were growing up.cloth diapers and rubber pants were the norm for us for bedwetting.we had regular baby cloth diapers,diaper pins and toddler rubber pants that we wore.we werent constant bedwetters,just off and on and we were also diapered for holidays to prevent embarrassement from brother didnt like the diapers and rubber pants and sometimes put up a fight when he had to wear and my two sisters accepted them and wore them to bed when we had to and under our dresses for the holidays.our mom always put the diapers and rubber pants on us.we wore them up untill we were around 15 and mom was sure we werent going to have any more accidents.

  88. Guest27898329

    In our house mom's rule was you wet the bed you simply wore diapers and plastic pants to bed.  My brother and I did until around age 11 when it stopped.

  89. Guest27881759

     i am a girl and started wetting the bed at 13 and was immediately put into cloth diapers and rubber pants by my parents every mom bought the regular cloth diapers from a company and also the adult size rubber pants in pastels and baby prints.every night i had to lay on my bed and mom would slide the cloth diaper under me,then powder me then pin the diaper on me,then she would pull the rubber pants up my legs and over the diaper.i had a couple of two peice footy pajama sets that i wore and the diaper and rubber pants would bulge out under the bottoms.when i was 14,i got asked to be the junior bride in my neices wedding and i wore a poofy,white knee length dress with a veil,white tights and mom got a smaller pair of the baby print rubber pants and put them on me when i was dressed that i wore under my the wedding dance i met a 15 year old guy who was a real hottie and we danced alot and he really turned me on.we snuck off to a class room and were necking and he put his hand up under the back of my dress and felt the rubber pants under my tights and really got excited.he pulled my tights down and ran his hand over my rubber pants and just then the door opened and it was my mom and she caught us.she sent the boy out of the room and i pulled up my tights and she asked me what was going on and that she saw me with my tights down.after that,for my punishment,i had to wear my bedwetting diapers and rubber pants on the weekends and after school every day for three months.i didnt like it and learned my lesson.

  90. qweiop144

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  91. Guest27872683

    I am a girl age 17 and i was put into cloth diapers and rubber pants at 13 for my mom bought the gerber cloth diapers in the 24x27 inch size and the diaper pins at wal-mart.she sewed the 10 diapers to a package together to make one out of them for me.she bought my rubber pants in adult size form adultcloth in pastels and baby prints.every night i had to lay on my bed and she would powder me then pin the diaper on me then pull the rubberpants up my legs and over the went on this way for three years past my 16th birthday and i stopped wetting 7 months was hard being a teenager and having to wear a diaper and rubberpants to bed every night,especially when mom would put a pair of the baby print rubberpants on me over my diaper.i went thru catholic confirmation a year ago last may at 16 and had to wear a white knee length,poofy dress with a veil,tights and white shoes.when i was dressed mom took a diaper and rubberpants out of my drawer and told me i had to wear them under my tights so she put them on me and then put my tights on over them.i felt weird that day with my classmates having the diaper and rubberpants on under my tights. 

  92. Guest27855870

    im a male and was a bedwetter till i was 17 yo i wore cloth diapers and rubber pants till i out grow my bedwetting wearing diapers was better then sleeping in a wet bed

  93. Guest27635234

    I was a bedwetter till high school. Never wore diapers but had a loud plastic sheet on the bed. I would have been less embarasing to wear diapers as anyone who sat on my bed knew I was a bedwetter. I remember asking once when I was 14 if we could take it off because it had been a while sense I wet. My mother just said no and that was that. I have often thought that I should have sugested a diaper in exchange for the embarasing plastic.

  94. Guest27538585

    I am a girl age 19 and was put into a thick cloth diaper and rubberpants when i was 10 and a flower girl in my neices wedding.i was dressed in the parish nursery and my mom made me lay in a baby crib while she put the diaper and rubberpants on me.her and my neice felt i would be cuter and more little girlish with a diaper and  rubberpants on under my dress.after the wedding ,my mom put the diaper and rubberpants in my drawer and told me i would wear them for holidays and other special occasions from then on.i wore them under my communion dress when i was 11 and for easter,christmas,etc.I was confirmed at 14 and had to wear a white floor length dress and veil with tights and mom put the diaper and rubberpants on me and i wore them under my tights.after the ceremony,when we got home,she took the diaper off of me and made me wear the rubberpants under my tights for the rest of the day.i wore the diaper and rubberpants up untill i was 16 and it was somewhat embarrassing having them on under my holiday dresses.

  95. Guest27495540

    I was put back in diapers for bedwetting at about 7 years old. My mother used double prefold cloth diapers with a baby prefold diaper as a soaker in the middle.She would talk baby talk to me while she was changing me.She would change me just like a baby and grab my ankles to raise my bottom so she could slide the thick cloth diaper under me.She always used Johnson & Johnson baby powder on me and would rub it all over my diaper area just before bringing the soft thick diaper up between my legs.It always really forced my legs apart from the thickness of it.Then she would smile sweetly at me when she was pinning the sides.After that she would dust my plastic pants with baby power before sliding them up my legs.

  96. Guest27424787

    I wet the bed until I was nine years old.When my younger sister was potty trained mom decided that since Iwas still wetting the bed like a baby I should wear pants like one.Mom gave me a bath and put diapers and Rubberpants on me every night until I stopped and more or less treated me like a baby including sleeping in my sisters crib and eating in her high chair 

  97. Guest27413150

    My mother put me back in diapers and rubberpants for bedwetting when I was six and shamed me in front of her friends tell them I was a big baby and I would be wearing them and sleeping in a crib until I could behave like a big boy.I stopped when I was eight but mom made me wear rubberpants until I was dry for six months

  98. Guest27389794

     i am a girl,15 and started wetting the bed last year when i was 14 due to emotional problems and other parents made the choice for me -cloth diapers and plastic pants every night!they were put on me at bedtime while i laid on my bed.diaper pins were used to pin the diapers on me and i had adult size plastic pants put on me over the diapers.i have one drawer in my dresser with just the diapers and plastic pants in it.i am still wetting the bed now and have gotten used to wearing them to bed.they make me feel like a baby at bedtime and sometimes i suck my thumb after i am in bed.

  99. Guest27234717

    My mother diapered me until I was 11 years old for bedwetting. She used cloth diapers and plastic pants.  My bath time was 7:30 and I was diapered immediately. By this time she let me watch TV until 10. This was mostly embarrassing when we visited my grandparents and my cousins all knew I wet the bed. I finally outgrew it.

  100. Guest27231634

    Yes.  Until age 9 I had to wear a double cloth diaper with a soaker pad in the middle and a youth size velcro diaper cover to bed each night.  I was a heavy wetter.

  101. Guest25010239

    Once when we were on vacation we spent the night with some of my parents friends and theyhad a boy age 9.  As I walked up he hall from the room I was going to sleep in I walked past the boys room and he was in there, he had on 2 pair of his boys briefs and was pulling on a pair if rubber pants as I walked by he asked me a question and I stopped to answer.  he was totally nonchalant about having the rubber pants on.  He explained to me that he was a bedwetter and his mom had him wear 2 pair of undies and rubber pants to bed and my seeing him this way did not phase him at all.  We talked for a few moments he said good night and climbed into bed.   Later the next morning I went to the bathroom and his rubber pants from the night before were hanging in the shower after being washed.  I remember feeling odd about me seeing him at 9 years old with rubber pants on.  Mom told me later that a lot of kids wet their beds and wore either undies and rubber pants or diapers and rubber pants to bed.

  102. Guest24965097

    We went to visit some of my parents friends, I was about 14 at the time, they lived in another state about a 4 or 5 hour drive from where we lived.  We got there and I learned that they had 3 kids, 1 age 12 and twins - boy girl - age 7.   It was later in the day when we arrived at their house and the 12 year old and I were out in the yard.  While sitting in lawn chairs talking I noticed that hanging on the clothesline were larger size diapers and plastic baby pants, the boy I was talking with noticed I was looking at the clothesline and explained that the twins were both bedwetters and had to wear diapers and rubber pants to bed.  I had heard of bedwetting but never knew of anyone who did it.  As it started getting dark we walked into the house and the twins were seated at the kitchen table having a dish of ice cream.  Both were wearing their diapers and rubber pants and were enjoying their ice cream before going to bed.  After they were done they came into the living room and gave each of us a hug and said goodnight with just the diapers, rubber pants and a jersey on.  That done they went to their rooms and went to bed.  Later I heard my mom and the kids mom talking and she was telling mom that she was having a hard time getting the twins dry at night and had finally resorted to using diapers at night.  Mom told her that one of her girlfriends at home also had a 7 year old bedwetter and she to used cloth diapers and rubber pants at bedtime.  The twins mom said that they tried to treat the bedwetting as no big deal and so the kids were not at all embarrassed about being seen in the diapers.  I was fairly amazed to see that kids that age still wore diapers and rubber pants.  But I guess ot was a pretty normal thing for kids who wet their beds.


  103. Guest24867974

     i am a girl and was a bedwetter when i was 11 to 15.i was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants every night at bed time.i had to lay on my bed,the diaper slid under me then was powdered.the diaper was brought up and pinned then i had to raise my legs up and mom pulled the plastic pants up over the diaper.

  104. Guest24247702

    As I was growing up I was around 9 and I would stay at my cousins house and her sister age 6 wet the bed.  My aunt made her wear diapers in bed.  Each night at bedtime my aunt would get the diapers and rubber pants from the hall closet and bring them into the room.  She would fold a prefold diaper into a regular diaper to make sure she got the right padding.  She placed the diaper under my cousin's bottom applied baby powder to prevent rash, pulled the diaper between her legs, pinned it at the waist and put the rubber pants on.  That done she pulled the blankets up, there were kisses and hugs and it was off to dreamland.  My cousin wore diapers and rubber pants to bed until age 9.


  105. Guest23507702

    Was a nightly bedwetter until age 10 and a sometimes bedwtter until age 12.  Mom put me into diapers and plastic pants at age 5 for my bedwetting.   Each night after supper was over mom would take me to my room where she would get the diapers folded and plastic pants ready while I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  I would come back to the room and climb up on the bed and lay down and mom would put my diapers on, pin them snugly at my waist and than came the plastic pants followed by my pj's.  Once ready for bed I could play quietly or watch TV until bedtime. 

    Bedwetters wearing diapers and plasticpants was pretty common when I was growing up.


  106. Guest23268949

    I babysat for a bedwetter who was 8 and wore 2 prefold diapers in her underwear and had plastic pants on over them.

  107. Guest23263356

    Until the age of 11.  Mom had me start wearing diapers to bed at age 5, she felt I should know that I was wet and so she used the regular cloth diapers and plastic pants.  At first I was upset and than began to realize that waking up in wet diapers was better than waking up in a wet bed.  I really did not like having the diapers on but did come to accept that they made things more comfortable.  Also with 2 siblings it gave me and mom some quality moments together when she was getting my diapers on at bedtime.


  108. Guest22790690

    I wore diapers until just after 8yrs old, My mother made the decision after too many wet beds. She bought a pampers "thick" I think the just said XL, but were made for at night at the time. I was upset and embarassed about wearing the diapers to bed, my mom would always get me changed into the diaper just after supper each night and right before bedtime she would have me come to her to check if I needed changing before I went to bed. The worst part was having to come to her and lay down on the changing pad, have pants and underwear removed and then have her lift my legs, diaper go under my bottom and then baby wipes and powder. I do remember quite a few time being work up in the middle of the night to her already in the process of changing the diaper.

  109. Guest22292439

    I wore diapers at night from when I was 5 until I was 9yrs old. My mom decided to put me back in to diapers for bedwetting. When she first told me if I couldn't stop wetting that I was going to have to wear diapers to bed. I was very upset when she did this at first because I had to start with pampers baby diapers for 2 years until they didn't fit me anymore and then she bought youth diapers at a pharmacy

  110. Guest17348020
    I worn them until 8yo. it was my mother decision, and in retrospect it was better than sleeping in a wet bed. But it was very embarrassing me when my mom call me for the diaper before bedtime.

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