Facts about lightburn speedboat.

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We have a lightburn speed boat it is vintage era no one knows anything about it wondering if you know anything about it. What is the history of Lightburn?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    During the 1980’s, many of the car manufacturers, many of the automakers were transforming their products into other devices or they were increasing their product range, but if you look back into some more years like in the 1960’s you will see that the Lightburn whitegoods manufacturers were turning different appliances into a car.
    Lightburn industries in 1963 became a company which was known for its products such as manufactured tools, cement mixers, washing machines and fiberglass boats and specially they became very popular in making boats of different kind and types. There was a significant improvement about the fiberglass body for the zeta.
    Speed boats nowadays consist of a powerful engine which runs it through, there are some speed boats which are fitted with the inboard engines while some have outboard motor and are fitted with a motor installed on the rear which has the internal combustion engine, the gearbox and the propeller in a one complete portable unit. There is a hybrid powerplant in the inbound/outbound while the internal combustion engine consists of the engine inside the boat. There are different configurations of an inbound, v drive and the direct drive. A direct drive has the powerplant which is mounted near the middle of the boat with the propeller and it has a shaft which is connected to its straight back. The V-drive are becoming more and more popular due to wakeboarding and wakesurfing sports. Motorboats vary greatly in size and configuration and from the 4 meter.

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