lic"s market plus table no. 181 NAV

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Policy No. 332102058

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  1. Guest28122544

    my policy no813514697 single premium dt. of issue 27-2-2007 pl. inform me by e-mail with following details. my e-mail ID what is current NAV ?  what is my fund value. ?

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  3. Guest28104306

     123876812 policy has matured , how to get amount

  4. Guest28100042

    dear sir/madem my polic no. 502116757 plan 181 market plus plz send curent stutes my e mail id

  5. Guest27663873

    policy no-863691735 what is the current positin?

  6. Guest27620653

    My lic's Market Plus (Table No181)

    Police No.703706665 -Rs25000.00  ;703706664-Rs.25000.00 ;703706573-Rs.500000.00

    702545236-Rs50000.00 and 702547253-Rs15000.00.

    Now how much of available in each police please send detailes..............V.Jayakumar


  7. Guest24985745


  8. Guest24955933

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  10. Guest24955846

     Sir I Lalan Sharma Wants to know the current status of my market plus policy table no. 181 of my 

    policy no 514550617 date of commencement 4/1/2007

  11. Guest23884398

    684793941 current nav

  12. Guest23098902

    hi let me know my current market value of lic market plus table no 181 my policy nimber is 635150368  and  635150369

    this is my mom accout Makhamoor khateeb i m her son Mudassar khateebplease send me e mail on my e mail :


  13. Guest23011942

    plz inform the NAV of market plus 181 my Email ID is

  14. Guest22875006

    Let me know the current status of My market plus(Growth) Policy No.217283853. My Email ID is


  15. Guest22662977

    Please go to the site of LIC( make your login id their. register your policy. You will get the number to units allocated. On front page of site there is link PLAN NAV from which you can get the value of one unit. I think this will solve your problem.

  16. Guest22607029

    Let me know the current status of My market plus(Growth) Policy No.715035600. My Email ID is

  17. Guest22488514

     my policy no. 394006434 .  let me know the current status.  my email id is ashathomas


  18. Guest22424498

    My LIC's Market Plus Table No. 181 Policy No. 416859642 dated 24/07/2006, let me know the current market value.

  19. Guest22186952

    my police no : 554794238 LIC MF Market Plus Table No 181, what is the current position now ?


  20. Guest22090705

    LIC's Market Plus Table No.. 181 NAV

  21. Guest21938961

    Market plus (181)

    Bond fund: 13.9097

    Secured fund: 13.4792

    Balanced fund: 13.1736

    Growth fund: 13.6959

    Market plus I (191) (Started on 1 Nov 2008)

    Bond fund: 10.8063

    Secured fund: 11.7135

    Balanced fund: 11.8501

    Growth fund: 12.642

    for more details please visit

  22. Guest21901515

    Policy no.836074626

    What is latest NAV?

  23. Guest21663217

     policy no. 285107565

    what is the curent position ?

  24. Guest21019330
    policy no-222626510
  25. Guest20885482
    what is the current position?
  26. Guest20839103

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