left speaker making thumping noise philips ambilight

by Guest11547063  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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just started today makes a thumping noise after a few minutes of being turned on

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  1. Guest19376857
    i've got an aurea tv, and it also does the same noise. I've called for assistance and the tv went for repair in Netherland. They said it was a summation effect involving the frequency of the speakers and of the ambilight lamps (:S). The solution according to them was to place shock absorbers, which they did. It improved a little but the TV still has some noise. They also told me this happened in some other ambilight tv's.

  2. Guest12762205
    My Philips tv is doing the same thing did you manage to get it sorted out. Please help its driving me mad. Thanks Cat

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