left and right weight is stuck

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left and right weight is stuck

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, You must maintain weigh on all three chains to release the left weight. To explain: There are actually 3 separate motors, called trains, contained between the two plates of your clocks movement. As you face the clock the first, the first train drives the strike mechanism, the middle train drives the time mechanism, the one on the right drives the chime mechanism. How do they operate? As the time train moves the hands forwards to each quarter hour a pawl located on the minute hand shaft lifts and releases the chime train so that it performs the appropriate sequence of strikes against the chime rods, just before it completes the sequence it lifts and releases the strike train to announce the appropriate hour. As you can see the chime train weight must be in place in order to release the strike train. Ergo you will have to find another weight source to hang with the left weight. Incidentally it is essential that the heaviest weight be hung on the chime train (right weight), the reason being that it has to work harder than the other two trains

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