layunin ng pamilya

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what is the meaning of family plan

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    nowledge ofwor

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    maging masaya
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    ,,,,mahalin ang isa't isa
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    ahahahahh..... di q qlam....
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    A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children makes up a family. God had a purpose for creating humans. God created humans as the objects of his love. However, his love was not without purpose for God created humans to replenish the earth. Before God created Adam's female counter he wanted Adam to see his own deep need of companionship. The process of naming all the animals and seeing that all of them had mates made Adam sense his great need for companionship. Adam no doubt felt his aloneness. When Adam senses his own deep-need God creates woman. It is at this juncture that God initiates family life. In the very beginning God provided foundational guidelines for the family that would keep it solid and keep it strong. In the very beginning God spelled out the primary principles for domestic health and happiness. This was before civil government, law, school or even the church. The home had top priority in God's mind. The foundation of society began with the home. God created everything in an orderly fashion as he put first things first. The home was primary in the establishment of society. The home is the basic building block of all human relationships. Regardless of what society does to minimize the home, the home continues to be the primary building block of society. So goes the home, so goes society. Sometimes we think it is the other way around. Ultimately, the home still has the power to change society. Think of what did through godly Abraham and Sarah. Think of how God changed through Joseph and Mary’s home. God has done great done things and will continue to do great things through the influence of the home. No one will ever have a greater influence on your children than you. That is why you must lead the family spiritual. This is the purpose of families. Families need spiritual teaching that only parents can provide.
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