latest working models for physics exhibition

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latest working models for physics exhibition

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  1. Guest28387046

    iam studying in 8th and iam preparing for inspire award.i want best topics for project,working still models to present


  2. Guest28303173

     i am a bsc 2nd yr student i need a good modren project fo science exibition



  3. Guest28157496

     I am a 12th class student.I want a good working project on 'Energy- Resources and Conservation'

  4. Guest28128262

    hey someone plz suggest some working model for class 12 !!!


  5. Guest28111489

    I am student of grade 11 plz can u give me some idea of physics model



  6. Guest28103822

     i need a working model for physics plz help me



  7. Guest27923806

    i am 12 class student .please suggest aworking model.

  8. Guest27920177


    I m a student of class 11 i want to make a physics model please help me.


  9. Guest27909893

    i need a working project foe exibition....can anyone help (for class 8)

  10. Guest27873388

     i need a working model 4 physics on the topic must b of class 9 level... 

  11. Guest27869993

    Hi i am Alvin , i want a new working science modal which will be crazy.

  12. Guest27514494

    i am a student of class10 i want to prepare a science model in physics


  13. Guest27264954

     i want physics model on base 11th class


  14. Guest24890548

     i want a physics model for class 8

  15. Guest24861003



  16. Guest23529134

    i am in class 8 i need a working model in physics for science fair. 

  17. Guest22717118

    plz guide me to prepare a working model on production of electricity.

  18. Guest22659068

     bachoo hover craft banaoo

  19. Guest22485130

    I am in class 7 ..I want to know about an interesting working models.........

  20. Guest22484257


  21. Guest22473322

    any physics related model

  22. Guest22447815

     this is not at all good website for searching models and there is also no procedure to make the models

  23. Guest22437869

    can u plz suggest me some goog working models in physics.

  24. Guest22436197

    i am class 8 student plz help me for making a working model for science exhibition

  25. Guest22436197

    i am class 8 student plz help me for making a working model for science exhibition

  26. Guest22433117

    i am a student of class 7 . i want to make a physics model for science exhibition. plz help me.

  27. Guest22425060

    kya lagan kuchi kuchi hota hai ......... kya malum...dai close this website da...... porumpokku...

  28. Guest22424625

    close this website

  29. Guest22362115

    abe kutee procedure tera baap likhega


  30. Guest22331577



  31. Guest22183033

    kya hai y nautanki keval naam hi kyun dye hain procedure tera baap likhega

  32. Guest22107431

     i need an science working model.................which is easy to make~~~!!!

  33. Guest21982690

     I'm M.Sc., student.I want to do Physics please show me some best models.

  34. Guest21962192

    actually according to the new pattern of CCE our school is issuing us some projects andthat should b working so m confused i know now i will nt visist this site bt fo the site publicicty i will ask for help frnds i need ur help on working model of science it may b chem bio or phy and m frm class 10 plzzzzzzzz my dear frnds help me..........................

  35. Guest21831675


  36. Guest21683714

    i want to make a project  showing conversion of solar energy to electrical.


  37. Guest21670228

    i'm a first yr in coll.. can someone suggest me a suitable topic for physics exhibition?

  38. Guest21628476

    i am a 9th standard boy...i want to prepare a a physics model for exhibition.

  39. Guest21075208
    mar jao salo
  40. Guest21038991
    give me some ideas on phsics working model which should be best in all the other models placed out near me.......
  41. Guest21019291
    Solar Light
  42. Guest20204739
     Burglar Alarm  Rain Alarm / water Level Indicator  Fire Alarm  Light Activated Alarm / Day Alarm  Electronic Eye / Night Alarm  Magnet Detector  Clap Switch / Sound Operated Switch  Intercom  Electromagnetism  Dsncing Lights  Automatic Night Light  Torch Light  Electric Bell  Single tune Musical Bell  Light dimmer  Grip Testing Game  Dynamo  Electromagnet  Windmill Generator (Small)  Windmill Generator (Big)  Water Turbine  Solar Cooker  Solar Light  Solar Bell  Solar Photovoltaic Modules for Education  Home Wiring  Demonstration Type Transformer  Demonstration Type Meter  Automobile Flasher / Direction Indicator  Resistance In Series & Parallel  Kirchoffs Law  Wheatstone Bridge  Logic Gate (any one: And / OR / NAND / NOR  Logic Gate (Having all five gates)  Magnetic Door Alarm  Simple Half Wave Rectifier Power Supply  5V/12V Regulated Power Supply  Full Wave Rectifier Power Supply  Electrical Conductor Model  Time Switch  Electronic Letter Box  Thermocouple (heat energy to electrical energy)  Telescope  Periscope  Electronic Organ  Noise Pollution Checker  Water Pollution Checker  Metal Detector  Traffic Lights  Optical Fibre Switch  Loudspeaker (Microphone Amplifier  Six LED Water Level Indicator  Emergency Light c*m Charger  Electric Shock Game  Two Bulbs in Series Circuit  Two Bulbs in Parallel Circuit  Morse Single (2 way)  Transformer Experiments  NPN Transistor Amplifier  PNP Transistor Amplifier  LDR Working  Audio Osclliator  Soil Moisture Indicator  3D-In-One Electronics Kit For Students Chemistry Projects with Project Report  To Investigate The Electrical Conductivity of Na & Cane Sugar In aqueous Solution  Carbon Dioxide Detector  Water Quality Checker  Electroplating Machine  PH Meter  Milk Testing Kit Biology Projects / Working Models  Respiratory System (Running Lights)  Digestive System (Human) (Running Lights)  Digestive System (Rat) (Running Lights)  Human Heart (Running Lights)  Circulatory System (Running Lights)  Mitosis In E Coli (Running Lights)  Meiosis (Running Lights)  Urinary System (Running Lights)  Human Brain (Running Lights)  Kids Of Chromosomes (Running Lights)  Food Chain (Running Lights)  Water Cycle (Running Lights)  Biologycal Battery  Eye Structure (Running Lights)  Eye Defects (Running Lights)  Comparison & Similsrities between Eye & camera  Disease from Vitamin Deficiency (Running Lights)  Scurvey Disease (Running Lights) you can mail me on
  43. Guest20170036
    i m a student of 12th i wanna prepare a physics model for science exhibition.
  44. Guest19517315
    fire alarm
  45. Guest19176515
    i need to make physics project on green energy........ plese help me!!!!
  46. Guest19005395
    iam inter student .i want to prepare a physics model for exhibition.
  47. Guest18995806
    just f**k off a kid can make it ur brain 's standard is worse than a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. Guest17500526
    this is not the right palce to search for a working model. 15 replies all asking n nobody came with an idea. idea-1 make a water saving model of bathroom shower idea-2 simple solar heater idea-3 think of new mwthod for watering gardens...yes offcourse to save water idea-4 heat radiation simple paint one roof black other white n see the temprature diff. idea-4 heat insualtion for a/ to lower the load of a/c methods as smple as insualting roof with news paper idea-5 ....yes buddies u can email me at can load u with more ideas n yes pdf files of working models to make your life simple
  49. Guest16238708
    its just wen u f**k u ll know !!!!lol suck it!!
  50. Guest15130728
  51. Guest14722763
    i am student of 11th class & i want to prepare a model for final paper as project please give me some help for this thanks
  52. Guest14617789
    i am science welling student i want to prepare a phy model for exhibition
  53. Guest13651878
    i am a 11 th class studenat,,,,,and i need a working model in science
  54. Guest13574471
    its better to make Van De Graaff Generator............ My mail
  55. Guest13233254
    I am a class 10 student and I want to prepare a working model on physics
  56. Guest12918698
    i m 12th class student and want to preapare a working model on physics
  57. Guest12359183
    i am an first year engineering college student i need working models in physics , maths ,chemistry
  58. Guest11856381
    iam inter student .i want to prepare a physics model for exhibition.
  59. Guest11789502
    iam inter student .i want to prepare a physics model for exhibition.
  60. Guest11789502
    iam inter student .i want to prepare a physics model for exhibition.
  61. Guest11658638
    i want to make one working model using mirrors can u help me
  62. Guest11618033
  63. Guest11385350
    I am a pre-university student.I want to prepare a physics model for exhibition.

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