kodak playsport will not turn on

by Guest18177189  |  8 years, 1 month(s) ago

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Hey i just purchased a Kodak Playsport Zx3 from Sears and it worked for a few minutes then when i connected it to my pc to get it charged it turned off and i was not able to turn it on again. I thought maybe the battery is dead but i left it to charge on my laptop AND AC outlet but no luck...i'm not sure if it's even charging. Took battery out then put it back in but same thing.

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  1. Guest23042864

    I had an 8Gb "class 6" SDHC card that wouldn't work. The camera would start to turn on but shut down immediately when the card was in. The camera would turn on with the SD card out, but when it was put in the camera would shut down.

    After reading this I checked and it was formatted as NTFS. I re-formatted it for FAT32 and now it works great.

  2. Guest22993053

     Yes, mine won't turn on with sd card inside it.  I want to format it, but how do it without a device to hook up to the computer?

  3. Guest22718708

    How do you "format" the card? camera stopped working today

  4. Guest22661067

    replace sd card , Playsport won't  work if inserted card is corrupted.

  5. Guest22645904

    I got water inside?? what's the deal?? is it to be waterproof and be use for water etc...?? now can't even open it or charge it??? what to do please???

  6. Guest22439916

    same exact thing happened to me. i formatted my sd card but it still doesn't work. When i plug it into the wall, it turns on, and the battery says it's fully charged, buut then it shuts off

  7. Guest21967654

    I'm having the same issue, but I've been having the camera a long time. I did also connect to the computer and after that it just didn't turn on anymore. I now took out my SD card but how do I formate it? Cause I took it out and putted it back in but it still doesn't work or anything..

  8. Guest20819495
    Same thing happened to one of mine. It was the SDHC Card. I formatted it on a computer, and it worked just fine afterwards.
  9. Guest20681234
    I had the same issue. Turned out that it worked without the sd card in but not with the sd card in. My SD card was not formated so I formated it on the computer, reinserted it and it worked.

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