Title of a Kids Movie.

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I am Trying to find name of film all I know is, it is about a little boy who finds a present in his room and opens it to find a little red car, the car takes him to a cartoon world and he meets two wizards whose daughters have been trapped by monsters he saves the wizards daughters and travels back home when he gets home he phones his friend because he thought it was a dream, he finds out that his friend has received the present too and then it ends. Do you the name of this movie? Can someone tell me that? I would really appreciate the favor.

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    Hey there I have searched a lot for the title of movie you describe above but unfortunately that does not sound familiar to me. How about posting your question on the Classic Movies Forum? That way more than one person can try to answer it. Go to to log in. If you are not a Delphi member, you will need to register, which only requires an email address. Sorry but did not find the information you required. You can also search the movie on some movie database websites like IMBD and also you can Google it. If you can mention the names of some actors or director of the movie then I can help you in finding the name of movie you are looking for. Best of luck with your search.

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