kenwood cd player wont play, has power but no lights on the face plate

by Guest14253812  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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happened after i wanted to switch cd's and i took too long, it beeped and shut off, hasn't worked since

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  1. Muhammad Uzair
    There are two ways of this question!! 1]could be the face plate but probably not i would take out the cd player and you will have your power wires. red and yellow 2 from the car and 2 from the cd player take the red and yellow from the CD player and connect together and then attach them both to either the red or yellow from the car and you should be could if nothing happens either way their is a bad face plate. 2]Try 'resetting' the unit. Press the reset buton at the bottom right of the display. You may also try cleaning the faceplate contacts with a alcohol swab or an alcohol moistened q-tip. If these fail, I'd suspect the faceplate itself is defective. Hope you find suitable answer!

  2. Guest20425054
    check the fuse under the dash thats usually the culprit if not maybe your not getting good ground,.....

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