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  1. Guest28064217

     hi justin i know u didnt know me so listen my bio i am 15 years old footballer and love u more than my heart it mean you are more important than my life for me just a free text  send to atena  it little but thats enough to i knoe you have feels to me i lobe not for you are popular handsome rich i love you for you because  i love you in first i see you on baby clip when your not bery popular

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  3. Guest27916211

    hi justin , im sure that im your bigest fans i really love you ,every night i listen to your musics then i go to sleep ..............i love you soooooooooooooo much please  reply as soon as you can!!!!!!!!!!

    my e-mail is

  4. Guest24961316

    O EM GEE justin i am one of your biggest fans i watch your movie Never Say Never every night since the beginning of December beacause my tv wasnt working but my movie box thing did so we connected it to the t.v. i am watching it right now and you are singing Down o earth and u are playing your white piano and ur black or dark blue hate is backwords and you are wearing black pants and a black shirt with a silver heart on the top left of your arm on the shirt and you have a chain necklace its been like 1 hour and 32 minutes in the movie but anyways i love your hair short but on my phone i have a small droid and theres a jb app and you are flipping your hair slow motion with red and pink hearts floating around i also know a lot of things like your album My World went platinum 3 months after i was realesed.. your first tweet was at 8:27 p.m. on May 11,2009.. your favorite animal is a say never  69 times in the song never say never.. your favorite colors are PURPLE and red...your sisters name is Jazmen and shess sooo cutee!!! you got ur tattoo done at the sun of a gun tattoo parlour in Toronto... your favorite underwear is Dolce and Gabbana hahah... you have been claustrophobic hoped i spelt that right since you were 7.... u say smile 36 times in the song u smile.., u dont like clowns... your eyes are light brown/hazel but they turn greenish in the sunlight... your step mothers name is erin bieber,,, you had a dream that a cat ate you and thats why you dont like cats...there are 18 people in america named justin bieber... jazzy ur little sister calls u boo boo when u need something your favorite youtube video is chuck norris trying to fight a bear... you weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces when u were born... u have been best friends with ryan since u were 7... well i cant type more but i would but im getting a little tired im sick so i slept all day so i guess ima be up all night... :( well heres my ? some good rumor is going around that u are going to be signing autograughs at academy in mandivlle lousiana is that true???? oh and when is your tour gunna start??? im gunna save up a lot of money to buy a icket i dont think it will work but i will try.., love youuu!!!! bye<3

  5. Guest24948507

    Hi Justin im your number 1 fan.I want win 4 ticket and back stage passes to your concert.I love u so much.Can i have your phone number .

  6. Guest24936375




  7. Guest24827292

    what's up

  8. Guest24826533

    justin i will really luv for u to text me back

  9. Guest24826533


    i luv u justin please reply.i am you're biggest fan

  10. Guest24741363

    Hi Justin I LOveYou Sooo Much Please ADD Mee

  11. shoo!

     hi justin!my msn I'm from Argentina and I love you my facebook is:shoo fifi bonithaa

  12. shoo!

     Justin Bieber I love you I'm the best fan of yours Argentina! Of seven years little girlwanted to marry you .. lol but now that I have 10 years I realized I did not because you'reolder!! But still you're the best and your movie never say never is great! .. I love myfacebook is: fifi shoo bonithaa and my msn is:

    thanks i love you

  13. Guest24266430

    Justin, I like you very much ~ you every song I have listened very carefully! Ha-~

  14. Guest24265863

    Justin, whenever I hear your song my heart very happy! I support you forever!

  15. Guest23942344

    justin mi potresti dare il tuo numero di cellulare??

  16. Guest23917167

    add me my email is

  17. Guest23917167

    ad me on facebook hes awesome

  18. ZZ

     I tried this address sent many mails on this address but there was never any sort of reply from other side. But a week ago I received a mail from this address and I cant even explain the extent of my happiness because it was JB and he is very nice and he mentioned that I receive countless mails a day so it is not possible for me to reply to all individually. He also mentioned that he love his fans a lot and he is only working for people who like him to be there performing. 

    I am very happy that JB replied and if any one of you would like to mail him then you can on the same address.
  19. Guest23725367

    hi justin bieber

  20. Guest23607330

     LUV YA :)

  21. Guest23498880

    justin it me jeehan t have ur fb , twitter msn im frm singapore im malay one day i fell to meet u if u wan i wont force btw wanna web cam with me if u wan ..

  22. Guest23310049

    hi justin bieber nice to meet u n luv ya!

  23. Guest23306659

    Hey justin! Im ur biggest fan! I will always love ya

  24. Guest23305341


  25. Guest23292558

    hello¡¡¡¡ I LOVE.....¡¡¡¡¡¡ JUSTIN BIEBER¡¡¡¡¡

  26. Guest23291731

    hello justin bieber,i love you


  27. Guest23284955



  28. Guest23284791

     hello justin bieber I'm the fans french!!!!!

  29. Guest23284019

    justin im one of your bigiest fans you change my life when i here your music  when will you make your new song??

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