justin biebers REAL cell phone number. no fake numbers

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no fake numbers

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    Hi justin.

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  5. Guest24985509

    are you serious??????   people!! ( crazy fan girls  )  lay off and let THE BOY BREATHE  posting ur random numbers is just really annoying . you ever wonder why he might keep changing his number ????  yeah becuase of you guys. not trying to be a hater but seriously. go bother the boys you guys actually know.

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  7. lsly55

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  10. Guest24882065

     omg i just called this number 269 414 1729 and a girl answered. k people if this isnt areal justin bieber then dont post it.

  11. Guest24880495

    hey justin bieber this is audrey alayna we love u call us at 12514467599 u r s**y!!!

  12. Guest24353620

    hey his number is 850 628 4192 your welcome america

  13. Guest23339472

    hi justin i love you and your songs

  14. ZZ

     Well Justin Bieber do like to share things with the public and his number can also be found on net. The same way  Bieber was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun, who happened to come across Bieber's videos on you tube and later became his manager.

    Now if Justin Bieber can be located from internet and he was selected from the internet then his number can also be found on internet and also on maybenow.
    People who earn fan always like to get mix up with their fans because they knew why people love them and they want to be in the heart of those people for ever. 
    So sharing a cell phone number does not make much of difference. The thing which is more important is the lack of time due to which he is not able to receive just only the calls for the whole day. So these celebrities seems like to be running away from the crowd but this crowd is their heart beat. They are nothing with out the fans they have around them. 
    So it is not an impossible thing that Justin Bieber number cannot be found on internet. It might be one from the number stated already.
  15. Mitchel

    Justin Bieber does not share his personal contact details with general public. You can never get his real contact number on net.

  16. Guest23196312
    Well obviously the only site that has the updated info of Justin Bieber is here: Justin has texted me once OMG he replied!!
  17. Guest23124948

    please tell me justin bieber's phone number call me jazz and j

  18. Guest23119185
    Here is my picture with Justin. This is the second time I met him using the ultimate backstage book! I got to spend twenty minutes with him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before I left! The book info is at http: if you want to try to meet him like I did…But keep your hands off him…LoL!
  19. Guest23115649

     his REAAAAL number is (360)-858-7032!!!! he changes it every month and that for this moneth.... well may 23rd to april 23!!!!

  20. Guest23097531
    Well obviously the only site that has the updated info of Justin Bieber is here: Justin has texted me once OMG he replied!!
  21. Guest22889273

     Hey Justin , i am ur #1 fan!! I think u r sooooooooooooooooo cute!!! please write back!!!


                              I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Guest22855234
    Well obviously the only site that has the updated info of Justin Bieber is here: Justin has texted me once OMG he replied!!
  23. Guest22775493

    2709913978. Justin is my x..

  24. Guest22813910
    Well obviously the only site that has the updated info of Justin Bieber is here: Justin has texted me once OMG he replied!!
  25. Guest22820371

     do any of  u like selena gomez


  26. Guest22819736

     you guys..seriously?

    its a waste of ur time trying...

    none of these are his phone number,and if you somehow get it,and ur a fan and keep calling him.

    he's probaly really annoyed.gosh.


  27. Guest22815504

    justin biebers real number is 717 564 8394, i call his everyday! =)

  28. Guest22813624
    You believe that jostin or since he am called it is going to answer them. This they are false numbers it is possible that up to the mail it is never false him daran to the fan the number of the singer is impossible until he likes well capablly that there if you it of.
     But do not invent false numbers because I believe that it stays badly.
  29. Guest22799620
    Well obviously the only site that has the updated info of Justin Bieber is here: Justin has texted me once OMG he replied
  30. Guest22798551

     Hi, my name is Chloe Green, I recently discovered my singing talent. I want my childhood story to be similar to Justins. The day before yesterday, I got taken away form my mother. Things are really hard and my life couldnt get any worse. I need to speak to Justin to re-build my hopes of everything being alright. I love him so much and to just hear him say my name would be enough. So please stop posting fake numbers i really DONT see the point, I love you Justin and if you see this be in touch. My number is 07840890699 x*x

  31. Guest22791721
    hey bielibers go on to this hyperlink to find out who the biggest jb fan is who knows they might know his real cell #"
  32. Guest22735432

    I have been searching for Justin Bieber's number for the past days and all I got was FAKE numbers. If people really knew his number it would be the same answer. Everywhere I look theres a different number so they obviously don't kjnow what it is. If you really really want his number ask him and/or become really good friends with him but other than that you won't find his number cause no famous person would give away their REAL phone number because if they did they would have a bunch of fans call them and I know Justin wouldn't like that. Good Luck

  33. Guest22735889

     His number is 269-414-1729.

    I swear on my life. I text him all the time..

    i only call him sometimes when he answers. (:

    im textin him right now..

    Btw! im a huge Justin Bieber fan (: (: (:

  34. Guest22735733

    hey guys! ok for all of u people on here saying we're creeps and stalkers for looking up his number, you did too. the only way u could've posted anything is if you looked up his number so shut your mouths. for everyone else, i love justin bieber too and i've been looking for his number but none of these numbers are real. hoe would u feel if someone thought it was funny and put your number on here and u got a bunch of calls everyday? if u wanna keep looking, i wish u luck but dont hold your breath. u can call 404 665 3410 and leave him a message. its a fan number but sometimes he'll call back. just dont be stupid with these fake numbers. <3, olivia xoxoxo

  35. Guest22729326

    guys do not call 17737777324 or the people who live there will call the cops

  36. Guest22725022

    hey guys i got jbs phone i have been searching for 4 years and i found it if you called and a girl answerd call her again and she will be your freind and give you jbs phone number oky it is 17737777324

  37. Guest22723137

    HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY guys i have searched justin bieber phne number for 3years and found it oky so its 1773777324 call it know


  38. Guest22705825
    •  heyy Justin bieber 
    • i really love you
    • im your biggest fan
    • you love mickey d's
    • you like golf
    • race cars
    • your full name is ...
    • justin drew bieber
    • you like Quarter pounders with no pickels
    • three of you fan numbers are ..
    1. 7722574501
    2. 4046653410
    3. 818636046
    • please Justin write back tell me ur real phone number if i get it i will never tell ever becuas ei dont want to many people to call uou  ..i love you so much and ill write a 1,000 page book of your name ...
    • just to see you ..please write back pls pls pls pls pls
    • my name is shyann bertram,and i love you more than any one in the world i promise you that for sure .
    • i love you i love you i love u i love u
  39. Guest22710321
    I contacted justin bieber thanks to this site : //
  40. Guest22695036

    All Of These Numbers Are Fakkee !

    I didnt even waste my time reading any.

    Justin would never give out his personal phone number in public, or to any fans.

    The Only Way I know this is because I went to one of his concerts, and i asked for it. Sadly he turned me down. So I went to another one of his concerts -(Im a huge fan xD)  and asked him again, and he actually remembered me. & Anyways, his mom Patrica, and my mom actually became really good friends. & me and Justin could hangout whenever he was free. and he gave me his number. i text him 24/7 and he barely replies. he is a busy kkid living his dream, leave him alone. . and he travels 25/7, so we never hangout.

  41. Guest22694983

    Really guys? im a big fan of Justin Bieber tooo but i dont post fake numbers on here like grow up alittle or Just stop cause those are peoples real numbers.

     Thanks. ;)

    - Btw, Justin isnt gonna write people back on here so give up.

  42. Guest22694484

     Hi Justin. I like totally love you!!! i really want to  know ur phone number!!!!


    Love ya!!!!!!!!!

  43. Guest22691126

    ugh you people are dumb if ur really gunna belive dis c**p go to skewl 4 once haha well leave justin beiber alone hes just another person trying to live his life peace out luvvv my peops!!!.<33

  44. Guest22689294

    Hey people justin bieber dose not give out his phone # to people he dose not no and he has a twitter make one and talk to him because i watched the movie and it acuctally shows him txting people on twitter so dont give people false #'s you just get them all excited and then it not really be him and he has a fan site # so use that if u wanna contact him it is 404-665-3410 that is not his cell # it is his fan site #.....

  45. Guest22674269

    hey guys all of these are fake cuz i called every one and they were all wrong and they one time i called a number and a girl answerd and im like is justin bieber there and she is likeww and then she hung up the phone so dont call these numbers and if one of those were is number he changed it...well write back kk bye-bye :)

  46. Guest22666654

    Dont call 3047632264 it is not justin biebers number this girl hates me so much she put my number on the internet so dont call this number please my mom is getting mad at me she thinks i put it on the internet so dont call im begging you

  47. Guest22655585

    3047632264 is a fake number

  48. Guest22655489

    3047632264 is a fake number

  49. Guest22655489

    I love Justin Bieber if you love him you probably want his number but dont go so crazy i want it to but some people have a point his cell phone is for family and friends you could  join his fanclub and talk to him like that and maybe h**l give it to you and you people that lie and give out random numbers your pathetic and ive tried alot of the numbers on this site and you people that sware you really shouldnt because if you sware and dont tell the truth your breaking your relationship with god and if you keep swaring like that (for example i sware on everything i own) one day youll lose everything and regret ever saying that so you might want to ask god for forgiveness because he will always forgive you  no matter what and then just tellthe truth anddont sware like that if anybody wants to talk to me call 304 763 2264. ;-)

  50. Guest22649841

    if you call most of these numbers from a touch-screen phone..especially iphone, u may get a virus that causes it to crash.. i checked and 12 of the numbers listed below is a virus for cell phones! dont call, justin doesnt use a cell phone

  51. Guest22649841

    you are all going to jail for posting false numbers!

  52. Guest22649841

    911-495-1126 if u call this justin will show up at your house in a policeman uniform!

  53. Guest22644342

    hey guys this is justin bieber n if yu wanna chat add me on msn at

  54. Guest22639805

    i really do think all of this are fake becuse i called one of them and guss what a freakey dude ansurd  and i got his email, off line and it said sorry but this email is not real


  55. Guest22628411

    im justins friend i swear and  im going to relese bhis number its 404 769 3095 i remembered it

  56. Guest22613841

    i know justin biebers number it 3303472209


  57. Guest22612435

    Justin hows u ? :) , please write back as soon as you get time :). from simone xx