justin bieber backstage pass

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can i have 4 backstag passis?

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  1. Guest24688995

    I really would love to go back stage with Britney Spears,Justin Bieber,Hanna Montana,Taylor Swift,and Carrie UnderWood.I really hope my dream comes true And the only reason I want my dream to come true is because I am a 10 year old girl please please please let me WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guest23221662

    I used igotbackstagepasses and it got me backstage to Taylor Swift!@

  3. Guest22660627

    howmutch arejustine bieber back stage pass?

  4. Guest22063032


    ^^ If you go sign up for this link you get to go to a concert of his and you get to meet him for free! You even get a free flight to where Justin will be performing.

  5. g morals
    Everyone here uses a book to get them backstage. Ive looked online and a lot of people use it so I assume it works!!!! The book is the ultimate backstage book and it will show you exactly how to get backstage. The website is if you would like to check it out.

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