jose rizal's chapter 6 in sunny spain 1882 1885

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The Birth of a Hero

Jose Rizal was born on the moonlit night of Wednesday, June 19, 1861, in the lakeshore town of Calamba, Laguna Province, Philippines. His mother almost died during the delivery because of his big head. He was baptized in the Catholic church of his town on June 22, aged three days old, by the parish priest, Father Rufino Collantes, who was a Batangueño. His godfather was Father Pedro Casanas, native of Calamba and close friend of Rizal family. His name "Jose" was chosen by his mother who was devotee of the Christian saint San Jose (St. Joseph).

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    Why is it that the title is In Sunny Spain?
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    jose rizal in sunny spain
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    After 4 years of studying medicine in University of Sto Tomas, Rizal decided to go to Spain to continue his studies.. He's reason of going to Spain is to study the life, cultures, language, tax, and government in Spain as well as to continue his studies... When he was in Spain life for him was not that easy, because after living for Spain their business in Calamba which is farming did not turn out to be as planned because of a drought season due to this the manager of the hacienda increased the rent of their hacienda and because of this since that his brother Paciano is getting money from their business in order to send allowance for Rizal in spain. There were times that Rizal did not eat his breakfast upon going to school, because he was broke, luckily because of his talents he joined a contest were they can eat for free and that's how Rizal survive during the time that he has nothing.
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    in sunny spain

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