is there a cheat for geting rox on moshi monsters

by Guest19373692  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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is there a cheat for geting rox on moshi monsters

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Guest23087552

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  3. Guest22888300

     Make your monster have toad soda before you pla y the daily challenge, you'll get 1000 rox!

  4. Guest22811957

     hey u hav 2 plant flowers and if its a rox leave it u can get about 100 rox

  5. Guest22803529

     tell us then you idiot

  6. Guest22770494

    u could click on the trees at the port and u will get rox(1 a week)

  7. Guest22735033

    add me build-a-bearlover8 on moshi monsters !!

  8. Guest22520994

    the answer below is the most known and obvious answer......... but if you want a good answer, use my cheat.............start a discusion on the daily growl. i got like 500 rox. but if the discussion becomes a major success, then you could get up to 1,000 rox.......maybe even more.

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  9. Guest22401130

    There is no cheat, really. But, if you want a lot of Rox, you will have to..

    1. Play Daily Challenge

    2. Do a lot of puzzles

    3.Play Underground Disco if you are a member

    4. Play Flutterby Feilds

    5. Play Ice Scream

    6. Play En-Gen

    Once you get a lot of Rox, save them and only buy things you REALLY, REALLY need.

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