is my anole pregnant?

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I recently bought 2 anoles (one male one female). The guy selling them to us told us the anole was pregnant with twins. We weren't sure if that was true so we brought the anole to a local pet store and they said she looked "full" not pregnant. Although the male lizard has been showing signs of wanting to mate, we have yet to see an egg(s) be laid. We know not to handle the female if she is pregnant, we now need some answers as to if she is pregnant. The person who sold them to us failed to mention they need UV lighting to survive, and/or if the female is pregnant, or that they need calcium sprinkled on their food in order to give them vitamin D and to keep their bones healthy. Also, apparently my female anole is a juvenile and still not even BIG enough to breed! He seemed to not tell us anything about the lizards such as how many times they breed in a year. (about 6 to 7) Instead, he said 1. And so that leaves me questioning who is right and who is wrong and what are the chances that my anole is pregnant.

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    The anoles do need viamins and such sprinkled on thier food and drops in the water they do need UV to survive the place i got mine from is very helpful if you have any questions i am sure if you call them they will help answer any question. their number is Aquarium pets 920-230-6500 these people know what they are talking about

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