is it possible to run visual studio 2008 on fedora 10 linux

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is it possible to run visual studio 2008 on fedora 10 linux distribution.

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  1. adeel hussain
    you cannot directly use visual studio 2008 in fedora. you can use monodevelop on linux, but than you have to know GTK. Another good option is to use Grasshopper to deploy your application on linux. when you compile a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application, VS.NET generates Microsoft Intermediate Language (MS IL), which executes on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR). Grasshopper is a Visual Studio .NET plug-in, which takes this MS IL and converts it into Java bytecode, which executes on a Java Virtual Machine. Grasshopper also includes J2EE implementations of ASP.NET, ADO.NET and the most common .NET namespaces, so the required dependencies are available on your J2EE platform. See more detail at

  2. awaisj
    No, it is not possible. WINE [] is used to run windows programs on Linux, but Visual Studio is not supported. You can use MONO [] which is a cross platform, open source .NET development framework.

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