is it ok for a brother and sister to be naked together?

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me and my sis just like to be naked together, i am 16, she is 13

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  1. Guest28383468
    I'm 4 yrs. older than my sister and we started being naked together when she was 6 or 7 and I was about 10 or 11. I had already started puberty and was about 6 inches long by the time I was 11 and my sister was ok playing with my p***s and letting me play with her v****a. when ever we were alone we would be naked together. our favorite thing to do was I would lay on top of her and move my p***s back n forth with her legs together so the tip of my erect p***s would rub her C**t until I ejaculated. she also enjoyed me fingering her while she played with her dolls. when she turned 13 she ask me if I would have s*x for real and put my p***s inside her. by then my p***s was well over 8 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. I was able to get just the head inside her v****a and we stopped because she said it was too painful so I just had her close her legs and slip my p***s between her legs till I came like we had always done. Shortly after that I went into the service and we never did anything like that again but remained very close and that was almost 50 years ago. Interesting side note is that up until that time I had never learned to use my hand to m********e since she was always available so once I got into the service i actually had to learn how to jack myself off

  2. Guest28267909

    It very normal for family nudity. In my home growing up with my parents and my two sister that bedroom door and bathroom door was never close unless we had company who does not understand that lifestyle. My sister was two years older than me and my was in the middle, my other sister was two years younger than me. We always been very open with our bodies. There was no shyness or shame in what we were doing. Rule of thumb is this. Those outside of family need to pick carefully in letting them be apart of the events in your home. I can rembember being on the sofa and it was very common for my sisters or mom have a friend come in for a visited. Remember it your home and those do not like what they see can leave. My sisters and me watch each other grow and develop.

  3. Guest28234065

     I was naked with my sister once when i was 12 and she was 14.We we getting ready for our nieces wedding and sis was the flower girl and i was the ringbearer.Since the ceremony was going to be about 3 hours long,mom was worried about us having an accident,so she had us lay naked side by side on sis's bed and she put cloth diapers and plastic pants on sis and a pull up on me.she told me that cloth diapers and plastic pants are more appropriate for girls than for boys.Sis did wet in her diaper during the ceremony,but i didnt wet at took sis and i to the nursery after the ceremony and i helped mom change sis's diaper.that is the only time we were ever naked together.

  4. Guest28233787
  5. Guest28140356

    yes it is its even good for brother and sister to sleep naked together. and if it goes farther than that like feeling each other up and to making love so be it at least they would not have to worry about a  std

  6. Guest28117199

     I think it funny when someone who believes in same s*x and inner marriage always think automatically they are being judge or that we were taught wrong, first off, I do not has that right to judge you, but imma explain something to u the right way im not like other christians out there I actually focus more on what I do wrong rather than on someone elses wrongs. But u need to kno there really are places in the bible where God himself not man placed judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah if u dnt known these cities u need to check them out cuz there are historical proof on this too, but because of the sin of entire mankind the story of Lot still exists today, but Lot was incest and joind  into same s*x but God forbid this when adam and eve sinned so God judged Lot and the city of sodom and gomorrah of there immortalities. And later in the book of leviticus God gives a whole big list about nakedness,I also believe that all scriptures is giving by the true inspiration of God. These stories in the bible did not come from me, these came from God, now second, if someone told u adam and eve children was inner married this is correct, but as a result of sin and after the Great flood(a picture and result of the sinful nature of mankind) God forbidden these things that once was good. And last we all have a sinful nature but I hope this was clarity, I just wanted to say to those who r same s*x or inner married God really does love you and there are alot of other things we all have done and are doing that is considered a sin. I hope u the best of life and remember the bible or God doesnot lie, dont let the bad old serpent try to twist things up to make it sound okay that is the true way adam and eve sinned. GOD BLESS EVERYONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  7. Guest28106773

     I enjoyed your comments, folks, but some of you need to learn how to spell and use proper grammar. 

  8. Guest25378266

    Let be real here. Women in general have this sicko s*x mind about everything being sexually. It most moms or women who pushes preteens and teenagers into s*x. Family nudity is normal and healtly. There nothing inmoral or unholy for a boy to boy, girl to girl, boy and girl to see each other told nude. If they brought up correctly with morals, respects for each other there will be no problems. The only time when they have a problem is when some sicko women put her nose in other people business to find something wrong to cover up her self in she doing some to a child that she should not be doing. Women in general are good at this. They love to project their self on other in saying they doing some to cover up that they are the one who doing something they should not do.

    There is no one more than women do does more sexually abuse of minor than get one else. Women conduction children and brain wash them in this mind setting that we females can do as we please with you. This is done mostly with boys.

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  10. Guest25271161

    It not the issues of being naked at home. It how you were brought up and what you were told. Some children grow up as the human body being art, and some being s*x. Some are brought up that there differs body parts for the body. It no big deal to them, but there some who will have a field day with. The reason why they have a field day is they got sexually with it.

    As long there is a level of respect, trust, which set the standars of good behavor with each other. Brother and sister need to be sure their friends do not cross the line. They need to respect the boy and girl of that family.

  11. Guest24960976

    Its ok. but she will get older an get sexier and you will get tempted and if she aniciates the s*x by being willing Im sure it will be hard to resist . Come on lets get real she may be 13 but she still a girl and she has to be developing already and you enjoy being naked together because you like looking at her breast her a*s and her well you know.And Im sure her being a girl enjoys looking at you , its only natural .And if you and your sister are doing this all the time I guess that means you also do this when the two of you are alone together. Well what ever happens between the two of you does not cause any damage but your taking a risk being naked around each other. And if you do end up having s*x you two could live a normal life after your grown up maried (not to each other) and gone or it could ruin the rest of your life.Than again maybe nothing happens between the two of you.

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  13. Guest24945266

    i dont understand why it wouln't be normal and some sister's and brothers learn about the oppisite s*x's parts that way [not all]

  14. lyls90r


  15. Guest24926949

    The first time I saw my sister naked we were 9 and 10, but it became more fun to swim naked, soon e were rubbing at age 12 mom caught us in the bedroom humping, she explained about pregnancy, so we held off until we wer 15, she came to my room and said that she wanted to suck my c**k. I let her..that is all we did until lately she is divorced and my wife likes to have fun, so we moved sis in and now we are all sleeping togather


  16. Guest24840541

    Brother and Sisters can be naked. Do it with repect, values, and morals and there will be no problem. Remembr that nudity is a family business. So your friends do not have the same rights as you in seeing your brother or sister naked.

  17. Guest22543141

    My sister and I shared a bedroom until I was 12 years old and my mom realized that my body was developing. My sister was 8 and didn't like being alone at night especially in a bigger house.

    we were naked around each other all the time in the old house but too young to know any different, after we moved Ali wanted to come sleep with me so she snuck in after mom and dad went to bed.

    My body was changing now and when she rubbed up against me at night my p***s would grow hard but this was my sister and I would try to ignore it and it would quickly go back down, One night she asked about it and wanted to see it, then she told me that she got hard sometimes but it was different and she would have to rub it to make it go down.

    This was my little sister and she was educating me about masterbation, she showed me how she would lay on her stomach and hold herself while humping her hand. I remember trying it and it doesn't work that way for boys but I figured out quickly how to do it.

    One time she had me hold her while she humped my hand and I let her m********e me but she got tired of that pretty quick but I learned to enjoy it a lot. Sometimes when we came home from school she would ask if I would play with myself and let her watch but I wouldn't let her watch me unless she got naked and masterbated too so we became very comfortable about being naked together but even though she wanted to we never had sexual intercourse with each other.

    That was many years ago and we are both married now but we still talk about it once in a while and she tells me that it still turns her on, we just don't do it anymore with each other.


  18. Guest22195103

    It total normal for a brother or sister to see each other in the nude, A sister can be in the tub and brother can come out to use the bathroom or other business. She can do the same also.

    There nothing wrong in them seeing each other gentiles. Seeing what it does. Seeing it develop. If girls have a brother and a brother has a sister is the safe place for them to explored. Brother have no sister or siter have no brother need other cousin families take care of them who have the other s*x in their families.

    It normal for girls and boys in a family or very close friend who are like brother and siter to see each other m********e. People need to get off on this s*x junk. You need to keep people out of your home with a sexually mind.

  19. Guest22096533

    it is ok, take plenty of nude pictures now so you will have the later

  20. Guest21683629
    should a brother and sister sleep naked together in the same bed when their kids teens ages
  21. Guest21683629
    I was three years older than my sister and when i was 8 my mom strarted stripping me naked when i was at home infront of my sister then i started getting naked with out being told in the home .Then one day my sister asked if should could be naked too,then my mom said yes it is up to you so then she stripped naked .Then after that my sister and i was always naked in home and in the backyard .Intel i was 17 and she was 14
  22. Guest20584804
    That's perfectly fine... it's both your choice. Nudity is normal between my sister and I.
  23. Guest19073664
    I have 3 brothers 16 12 and 10 years old i am 14 years old. We are only allowed to be naked together if we are being bathed together or swimming in the back yard but our parents have to be there supervising us.
  24. Guest17870370
    Of course it is.They are brother and sister.As long as they do nothing sexual its perfectly fine.

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