is chemical engineering a good coures

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is chemical engineering a good coures




  1. Jean Johnson

    Definetly yes! Many of my freinds are doing the same course. I think job oppurtunities are even good in medical industry. Good luck!

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  2. cynus alisa

    may be This is a good course....I am in IT sector and doing Computer science engineering fro GGI University....So I don't know more about chemical enginnering..But I can say that This is a best course to do......One of mine friend is doing this course and she always tells me about its skills.wanna say you should definitely go for it......



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  3. Guest20677450
    While studying Chemical Process Instrumentation Control Diploma Correspondence Courses, you will learn about Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process Control and Chemical Process Instrumentation. Since offered by correspondence, one can study this course while working. After completing this course, you can get jobs in industrial or manufacturing sector.i found a lot of imp info on chemical engineering this brilliant site For further information about chemical engineering(Distance-mode) check the below link:

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