is Justin Drew Bieber email account Justin Drew

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is Justin Drew Bieber email account Justin Drew

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  1. Guest23119543

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    I have met most of my favorite performers and have a collection of memories that will last me a lifetime. I have tons of pictures, music, t shirts and autographs that I obtained throughout the years. My main suggestion is getting your foot in the door. There is actually a book that I saw at the library that had quite a bit on info about the subject. The book has a website address where you can order it.


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  2. Guest22875605

    Hey hvad laver du smukke du er cool <3 :-)

  3. Guest22875605

    Hey hvad laver du smukke du er cool

  4. Guest22809101

    I really need to know JB email because i love him with my heart LOL and there are different email's of Justin's pleeeeeease i beg you to tell me the right email lots of love Liz JB's fan and i met him gave him a kissy and left and i forgot to ask him LOL but please tell me xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Guest22673795

    no it's not

    justindrewbieber admited he's not the real jb

  6. Guest22603791

    Here is my picture with Justin.


    This is the second time I met him using the ultimate backstage book!


    I got to spend twenty minutes with him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before I left!



    The book info is at if you want to try to meet him like I did…But keep your hands off him…LoL!




  7. Guest22590774
    I did also
  8. Guest22590772
    Try emailing it and you should know
  9. Guest22590773
    I just emailed that but no reply so far

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