is James Martin 40

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is James Martin 40

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  1. Guest23163899

    The Big Man is 40 next year

  2. James Augustus

    No, he is 38 years old. James Martin born  in Malton, North Yorkshire, England on 30 June 1972.

    He first appeared on television in 1996 with various programmes including "James Martin: Yorkshire's Finest". He got public attention on the BBC 2 programme Ready Steady Cook..

  3. Guest23156772

    40 ! good age

  4. Guest23156790

    None that he owns up to anyway!

  5. Guest23154730

    clever clogs

  6. Guest23154342

    James Martin is 38 years old, born 30th June 1972


  7. Guest23154299

    40 with no children yet? at least he looks good for 40

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