is Chef James Martin g*y

by Guest23138964  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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is Chef James Martin g*y

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  2. Guest23154883

    Just thought Id update you whilst im taking a quick 5 minute break to catch my breath,   James is most definitely not g*y.      Ohh better go,  James has the Bubbly ready now and we dont want it going warm !     Bye   ;-)

  3. Guest23154612

    He cant be that interesting if you are posting comments on here if your with him

  4. Guest23154511

    I`ll ask him tonight and let you know

    Night Night -  I`ll be sleeping very tight

  5. Guest23154237

    I for one wouldn't mind finding out




    8 days

  6. Guest23145591

    No wedding bells, no children, has not settled with any of his many women and likes to keep his personal life private.  His many women are a cover up to thrown the attention off him.

    the probability he is.


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