ipod docking station cutting out

by Guest14756230  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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while my ipod is set on it's docking station, in the middle of play, it cut's out

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  1. Guest14769338
    Hi Guys, I am from the old days and was looking for a bit of help! I have 4No., 22 year old speakers (good, mission & boss speakers)wired into my house. The stereo system that powered these speakers(consisting of various individual componants), is basically no use. QUESTION IS............can I buy and ipod docking system without speakers and plug that directly into my exisiting speakers so I do not have to re-wire the house?? If so, can anyone recommend a good ipod docking system with good power for these speakers, please? I look forward to anyone's help!!! Regards Pat McLellan

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