Which instructional ballet DVD should I buy?

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I have a two year old who enjoys looking at ballet. Since there is no available instruction for her where I live, I thought that maybe I would buy her a ballet production on DVD for her to look at. I was wondering if The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet (1998) would be worth getting or would something like La Bayadere or The sleeping beauty would be better.

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  1. Guest23224325

    Ballet is a formalized manner of performance dance, which arose in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th hundred, and which was further devised in France, England, and Russia as a concert dance form. The early shares preceded the invention of the proscenium degree and were handed in great chambers with majority of the audience sitting on tiers or galleries on three sides of the dancing floor. It has since become a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. It is initially executed with the accompaniment of classical music and has been influential as a model of dance globally. Ballet has been trained in ballet colleges circle the world, which exert their possess cultures and societies to inform the art. Ballet dance works are choreographed and executed via conditioned artists, include mime and acting, and are set to music. It is a poised style of dance that integrates the foundational courses for a lot other dance forms.


  2. Jacob

    Well let me begin with, I hope you know that at her age you should only encourage her to dance around the house and take her to see anything she wants, but classes will be a waste of money. Getting her to a class may have adverse affects at least until she is five or six.
    In my opinion, it is probably best to get films of productions. There are lots of good ones out there; check out a company called Kultur. The Royal Ballet's productions usually have very beautiful sets and wardrobe, makes it nice to watch. Little kids always like Nutcracker. 

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