installed new heating element and thermostat,dryer still won't heat

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installed new heating element and thermostat,dryer still won't heat

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. James Augustus

    Your dryer heats up because of many reason. Main causes of dryer’s heating up are given below:

    Proper Voltage:
    There is a possibility that the voltage supplied to your dryer is not proper if your dryer will not heat up. Be sure that power is getting to your dryer properly. Check your dryer is plugged in properly. Make sure all the circuit breakers are placed correctly in their positions.

    Heating Element:
    Your dryer will not heat up if there is defect in its heating element. Heating elements are not repairable. It is better to replace it if not working.

    Thermal Fuse:
    Some times because of faulty thermal fuse your dryer fails to heating up. Thermal fuse of dryer will not work if it has blown. You need to replace it if thermal fuse is blown.

    Thermostat :
    If thermostats of your dryer have found defective, they can be the main fault that your dryer is not heating. You have to check each of your dryer's thermostats. If any are defective, change them. i hop e you can fix it by replacing it

    Timer motor:
    Your dryer can also heat up if your timer motor is defective. You must check timer motor of your dryer. You have to reinstall entire motor assembly or just its motor if it is no longer functioning.

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