infected flash drives: 'how to clean' steps plz!

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My flash drives are infected with some kinda trojans. whatever folders i save in em get to have same name.exe folders, along with autorun.exe folders made automatically. i've scanned my home n work pcs, but the dirves still get the folders !! so plz tell how to clean the flash drives?




  1. Vijai Bharath
    HI... try to delete the files by plugging into LINUX OS like fedora or red hat by using the permission tab of its(files) right click properties....or try to activate the user defined virus in your anti virus software console by adding the virus affected file name.....tkcr ,,,,,, waiting for any help, bye.......

  2. Stephanie Garrod
    The best way would be to plug them in to a computer running a mac OS because then it will not infect the computer. If there isn't one available, you can (on XP) go to the flash drive and "Tools" > Folder Options > View > Hidden Files and Folders > and click "Show hidden files and folders". Then you can see the hidden trojan files and delete them by holding down the Shift key and hitting Delete. This deletes them without sending them to the recycle bin. Another way would to copy your files off individually and then Format the drive.

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