Increasing tire size of 2002 Acura MDX.

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Sir, I have a 2002 Acura MDX that needs new tires. The OE tires for this car are 235 65/17 (either Michelin Cross Train or Goodyear Integrity), I currently have the Goodyear. I have the opportunity to buy some 245 65/17 Michelin Cross Trains for a really great price (I care nothing about the look of bigger tires). Would this change in size cause any problems with the cars computer calibration (transmission, speedometer, suspension, etc)? Also, will gas mileage be better or worse? And would safety be decreased with this change? What do you think would Acura say? Overall, in your opinion, do you think that saving a little on these tires is smart? Can someone give me any good advice over this? I would be really thankful.

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    Hello there, Let me tell you a few disadvantages of big sized tires. First they will affect the fuel economy, then it will hurt the suspension in some cases and if you are driving a family car then you should go for the recommended tire size for you car.
    Unfortunately, Toyota saw fit to put 6.5 " wheels on your vehicle, and the P245/65R17 does not fit properly. However, a P245/70R17 or a P255/75R17 does! Both of these are larger in diameter, and both should hurt your fuel economy. You should go for the original tire size and choose the best recommended company of the tires. I hope I have made things clear here. Best of luck with the modifications.


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