Income of famous American singer Elvis Presley.

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I would like to know about the financial condition of Elvis during his singing career, what was his total taxable income during his musical career.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis had a great musical as well as financial career, at the time of his singing and when his career finished he had earned a lot. He was far richer than what people and his wife Priscilla thought about him. He was also in the list of celebrities who were earning a lot of money and he was the top earning dead celebrity of all time, this was stated by the famous magazine Forbes. And he remained the top earning singer for continuously third year. Elvis earning in the year 2003 was round about $40 million dollars and if we include his estate then it crossed the estimate of $250 million dollar. 2004 was a very good financial year for Elvis Presley and there was a long celebration in that year, There were celebrations of his 50th anniversary. Lot of people from all over the country visited Elvis at his residence at Graceland gates.
    There is an estimate by Burk which states that approximately 600,000 visitors paid the admission fee which was round about $9.6 million and this was the fee which was paid by the people to just visit the house. A lot of earning was also made through the Graceland Gift shop, there the sales were about $12 million per year. The earning from the tourists visiting was about $126 million. This was just from the Memphis. The income eared from the hotels, restaurants and rental cars were not included in this figure. Elvis Presley Enterprises says that the income from the house and shops makes EPE as the fourth biggest moneymaker and it was behind the income of major corporations like Disney and Turner. EPE estimated the income which was round about $84 million a year.

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