inappropriate behavior. <br>QUESTION: I have three cats one is seven years old and the other two

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I have three cats one is seven years old and the other two are twelve. They are all male, neutered, and declawed. One of them has always had problem with the litter box and urinating. We have three boxes, always cleaned every day. He will often use the box, but the other day he actually stood on my kitchen table on a plastic bag and peed all over it! I have the living and dining rooms blocked off because he will pee on the carpeting which is new..replaced because of him. I have tried every gadget out there and all home remedies such as mats, tape, balloons, etc. I am at my wits end!

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  1. Misha

     Cats are so good at hiding illness, it’s no surprise how often we misinterpret the signs they do give us. A cat with untreated diabetes, for example, must drink and urinate frequently; so much that he may not be interested in using the litter box. Another common problem: urinary-tract infections. Your cat may find urinating painful and come to associate the pain with his litter box. Are you really surprised he’s going to stop using it? And what about biting? The cat that suddenly starts biting may be in pain, lashing out in self-defense. Whatever the problem, it must be treated for you to have a chance at correcting the behavior.

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