Can you tell me the origin of a movie

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Years ago I watched a clip (in color) from a movie which made me want to see it but unfortunately I did not catch the name the romantic clip shows a man and a woman (a blonde I think) running in the field and some nice sounding music was playing in the background. Now, from what I remember this movie is supposed to be a famous one also I am pretty sure it was from the 60s and that it was an European film French or Swedish?

I know it is not much data, but hopefully this description will ring a bell.


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  1. John

    There are thousands of questions answered every day, but is inevitable some will slip through the cracks. I apologize on behalf of the site that I cannot give you the right answer. I have no information about this film.

    I am sorry I cannot tell you the name of the movie. I never watched many foreign films, so I have no recollection of the one you mention.

    I have found lots of sites to search for information on films, actors etc, but I have never found one where I can search with plot content. Such a site would really be helpful.

    Without a name of at least one of the actors in the film, I have no resource to search. And again, consider my great apology, as I have now such knowledge regarding foreign movies. I hope you can understand it well.

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