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Is an immigration pardon really possible? How do you apply for a pardon? Can I apply for one for my husband who is detained in the US right now?

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  1. Guest28153735

     I served two years for a gun offence in California, I am now in Sonora Mexico. In the deportation paperwork the judge did not state a time period I have to stay out of the U.S.A What does that mean and am I eligeble for a pardon? I lived in California twenty three years and I had a work permit, but when I was in Eloy Detention Center an approved visa application was awaiting along with my U.S.A. Residence application wich were approved I just needed a signature and $1000 dollar fine, wich I couldnt get at the time, both the signature and the fine. The application for residency was never turned in by my wife and though I never filed or signed for a divorce, she says we are now divorced. What do I do?

  2. lyls42r


  3. Guest24927913

    hello, I been married for 2yrs from thise marrige I have 1 daughter and 2 from my ex, my question is my husband went to his pardon appt and was told to wait till his answer was given what does this mean, is he dinied or what 10=20 mth what is this the time it will tke

  4. Guest23249330

    Hi my husband and i have been married for twenty two years we have seven children together. he was convicted of a felony. he did one year in jail and then was deported.We followed him to mexico but i feel that is no life for my children.So how do i go about getting him a pardon?

  5. Say It All

    yes it is possible

  6. Guest22503424

    hello just wondering just got deported to tijuana after serving a 2 year sentence  how can i ask or get a pardon .didn;t fight my stay never had papers but i lived my hole life in U.S have 2 children my felony was droped to misteminer but i was all ready sentence can any one help me please never lived in tijuana and i'm not to happy...


  7. Guest22382981

     has anyone ever got a pardon that has an aggraveted felony

  8. Guest21791330



    hi, my situation is that when I went to the U.S. for the second time as a tourist, they realized that  i work ONLY for 3 DAYS the last year i went( they made me a STATTMENT and i said that i work just for 3 days) , so they didnt let me in and they returned me to my country, I WAS NOT DEPORTED, but I was told to re-entry i would need a visa.

    my question is in which situation I am, and ask for visa tourist or work? or request a waiver of migration? I dont have anyone in the U.S.


  9. Guest20732865
    my husband is hondurian and he has police records and i would like to know if its possible for us to get the pardon
  10. Guest17691747
    i am doing mine right now, i pray that i do get it but its hard because i was in prison for commiting a felony. however since my crime was committed when i was 16 years old they told me that i do apply for one. however they told me i had to wait atleast 5 year out of the country and out of trouble. i also had to be married to an american citizen and my wife has to apply for my pardon. the one thing that i did find out and i dont know if this is everywhere or not but if you are in the same proceess you can ask around to see if they have it is that there is a immigration place where they help you fill all the proper papers for the pardon without haing to go with a lawyer. it is 100 percent sure and i know people that got their pardon thru there without having to pay for a lawyer. so check it out in your town they might have it too.
  11. Guest15865388
    my husband just was granted one 10 days ago,but u need a lawyer,and depends on crimal record no agg. felonys
  12. Guest15379011
    i need to call in and schedule appointment to turn in the pardon
  13. Guest10717371
    how can i apply for a pardon of the states?So i can reenter. I had my visa at the time but i had grabed my sisters visa instead of my own then i had went to jail for six months and it has been a while.
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