im seven months pregnant and are considering putting my baby boy up for adoption.

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I want him to be able to be raised up in a stable home, i want him to have parents who will love for him, and i want him to grow up in a wealthy home. Do u have any couples in mind?

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  1. Guest24819343

    my baby is up for adoption , please onlyu serious adoptive parents should contact me at for more information regarding my son ...

  2. Guest23586078

    I love my baby boy very much , i am very ready for give him up for adoption ... my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him better than i can ... you can e-mail me at (
    Thanks and God Bless ..

  3. Guest21296661
    My husband and I would love to adopt your baby and be your babies parents. We've been wanting to adopt for awhile now, because of my last pregnancy I am unable to have anymore children and so my husband and I are wanting to adopt. You will be financially taken care of. If you consider us please email us Hope to hear from you. Where do you live? We live in Idaho. Amanda and Kris
  4. Guest20964632
    whre do you live? i can only help adopt in alberta canada unless you are willing to pay for some things until the child is in our care then we take on the real expenses. you could do a gusrdianship letter stating that you give us full rights and that you give us permission to adopt as soon as we can. you pretty much give up your parental rights on a paper then take to court have them swear it with you and you could get passport and travel arraingements. cause raising a child the rest of their lives is more than a plane ticket and some papers done up that is the only way my family could help you contact me i live in canada
  5. Guest14105705
    Hi Ms. Lady, My name is April P. I'm from South Carolina. I am a 24 year old female who does not have any children of my own. It would be a blessing to raise a child of my own. My family is 100% behind me to adopt. I live alone and work, I Alison travel many places. I will provide your baby with love, a home, & everthing he wishes for. Fill free to contact me any rime @ 8032699444 or it comes directly to my phone. We can get to know each other more. Thanks april
  6. Guest12672487
    My Dear, Are you still looking for the perfect family for your baby boy? We are a family of 3 in Idaho falls Id. My name is Nicole i am 25 My husband, Everett is 29 and we have a 6 year old Boy named TrA. We have been married for 8 years. We where married very younge. We Live in a very pretty, peaceful, safe city. Idaho falls is a great place to raise a family. We own and operate our business here so we are very stable. Please feel free to contact me. I am unable to conceive another child. It is hard to awnser my son when he asks when god is going to put a baby in my belly. Hehehee, What do ya say? We pray everynight that god will bless us with a child that needs us. Please contact me at 208-522-7767.. We are willing to travle or accomidate you here. Please please consider us. We have alot to offer, I would love to be here for you. my email is

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