im playing moshi monster and im stuck on level 2 i wont let me go to a higher level what do i do

by Guest11765033  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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im playing moshi monster and im stuck on level 2 i wont let me go to a higher level what do i do

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  1. Guest24003952

    im stuk on level 13! Please leave me a message on my board on Moshi monsters I am Vetgirlash and I cannot level up1 PLEASE HELP ME!!! <3

  2. Guest23900071
    1. its Happend to me its Happy and Healthy i've added LOADS of  Monsters Gone on LOADS of puzzles WHAT  DO I DO
  3. Guest23143692

    Play the Puzzle Palace every day!

    Add me I am yamnaa123567

  4. Guest23140345

    umm...........just play with it and buy him stuff and feed him and he should be HAPPY!!! PLZ add me my name is dessi-desiree-xx


  5. Guest21536324
    I dunno what's up with yours. My old monster did that. I fed it quite a lot and then it was ok. Hope that works for yours. My monster is called vickyx1125 please add me. THANKS. =]
  6. Guest19909565
    so am i im stuck on level 10 and my monster is happy and healfy
  7. Guest18961457
    You may be stuck on level 2 because it might be that your monster is either unhappy or feeling very sick. Well I know this because the same thing has really happend to me and what I done is fed some food to my pet and just in a flash I ended up all the way on level 7.
  8. Guest12951523
    i am level 15. It might be because your monster is sick or unhappy. what is your owner name I am mappy
  9. Smurf x
    Hahaha Im on level 2 too my sister is on 7 so I will ask her and let you know :D smurf x

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