im a mermaid

by Guest10409571  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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how did i bcome one any help




  1. Guest21510059
    wait were you singing in the bathe or shower??????? there is some thing fishy going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guest19706938
    I have become one as well this morning. please help
  3. Roy♪
    get some advice form a mermaid! But if your a mermaid how the h**l can you go and were? you have no feet.
  4. anaconda10
    well i wa singing in the bath and out of no were a mermaid tail came
  5. Guest11453559
    Do you mean like a mermaid?? Like a real mermaid? With a tail??
  6. anaconda10
    no i still am one ive nearly got cort any mermaids out the need advice
  7. Guest10778352
    try this A human when dry?A mermaid when wet?and have a power like () and a tail the color of ()?A human when dry ?A mermaid when wet?Gills are not needed a big breath that last 30 minutes?A human when dry ?A mermaid when wet?I’ll get my powers and tail in 1 week?I’ll get my tail when wet for 1 minute here is my wish a human when dry?A human when dry?A mermaid when wet?The rain does not matter it cannot change me but a single drop of any other water will, 1. It takes one drop so be careful 2. It takes ten seconds for the tail to come 3. Don’t be scared if different powers find you so try to use them for good 4. DO NOT look at the full moon or who knows what will happen without you knowing 5. Enjoy!
  8. Guest10603952
    Hi how are you? Well you know what you could do is you could always make your own mermaid spell just think of some msytical words and see what happens. But make sure to put all of your heart and soul into it ok. Let me know how it goes.
  9. anaconda10
    well i was just singing in the shower and then my legs tingled wen i got out and and went to bed my leg turned into a tail
  10. h20girl1234
    how did you become one?
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