im a 12 yr old girl looking for bf...list ur number plzz

by Guest21288064  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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i have nice butt & incredible body..wont give additudes..shy sometimes but very naughty other times,i laugh alot and i have a cute little laugh..and im a brunett with brown eyes

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  1. Guest28079710
    Hi I'm Noah Williams in a twelve year old boy and I'm looking for a 12 yr old girlfriend I have brown hair brown eyes and I love sports my number is 575-640-0811

  2. ccmalls26


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  3. Guest28057433

    hi, im sorry but ur about 14 now and looking for a bf and want guys numbers who u dont even know, if u really want a bf go hang out with mates and meet new people instead of doing it this way. being honest here ive had about 5 boyfriends in total and im 16, only 2 of them were serious...... way too serious. but ill give u some advice when u have a boyfriend never see him nearly everyday, dont tell him u love him loads and write long paragraphs, when u text or talk to each other over fb, twitter ec... dont reply straight away. trust me i might not be good in relationships but i still know what guys like and stuff. so good luck and i hope u find a bf :)

  4. Guest28035671

    hi my name is zach N. i want a gf badly. I live in Columbus KS, PLEASE put yo number on here fo me pleease.

    : D

  5. Guest27991721

     young guy 4 real im not 40 lol. Im a nice guy last girlfriend left because she had to move. im romactic funny popular. i kno how to play guitar a bit of piano and lots of singing. actor baseball play and basketball player. im not the handsomest guy ever but i do look hot in a suit and tie lol. number is 1208-340-8107 call me 


  6. Guest27737285

    im 13 i need a gf

  7. Guest27327026

    hey would you txt me at 9203703189 pizz tonight or this weekend

  8. Guest27308505

     Txt me (574)208-3438 

  9. Guest27061719
    Ur a bych and a ho and a dumbas u know u dont have but or a nice body ur little scrony as u dumb ho can't even afford to get a real bf not from a website ur not thick and u dont have a body like me ur just a lame as desperate idiotic bych
  10. Guest24960614

     hey just so you now,you should get with someone you know,ok? Trust me,i asked a same question like this,and I realized that was stupid and that i was an idiot at that time. Now, i have a hot boyfriend marc lopez,and we go to the same school. I suggest you should do the same. And anyways,i got 3 questions 4 ya:

    1) Are you really 12 or a pervert

    2) Do you really trust everyone on the internet

    3) Are you seriously that dumb to ask a question like this on the internet?

    Coming from a 12 year old girl herself. and idc if ppl call me a "b*tch" or "stupid" or "dumbA$$",ok

  11. Guest24959781

    Quinton 402-266-1134

  12. Guest24827040
    oh, i forgot, my number is 815-245-2645. please text me. im 14 and do cross country and track
  13. Guest24827040
    hey babe. im 14 and would love to text u. i run in cross country and track. love u
  14. Levi Johnston

    hi. im a 15 yr old dude that wants to get on ur naughty side. im a wrestler for my school and i would love to talk. my number is 540-808-5157. hope to hear from. oh yeah, and my name is levi.

  15. Guest23909759

    hi, text me plzz. im a 15 yr old dude looking to be naughty!

  16. Guest23880795


  17. Guest21802781

     seriously girl.  ain't no dude right in the head gonna get with some 12 year old b***h.

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