im a 12 yaer old girl and single any 12-13 year old boy interested?

by sesalie  |  4 years, 9 month(s) ago

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im a 12 yaer old girl and single any 12-13 year old boy interested?

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  1. Guest28264900

     new a gf with a nice big a*s blonde hair doesn't matter but at least beautiful

  2. Guest28262560

     I'm interested I'm 12 and my kik is jayden2903 and my email is



  3. Guest28260821
    Does anyone wanna kik me @:unicornruls21 im 13 im not very pretty but um looking for a boyfriend
  4. Guest28260134

     Hey im nico im looking for a relationship with u btw I live on beach 37street farrockaway I got twitter so u can follow me n we can chat or somethin n if u do come we can hangout or do what ever u eana do any way thats it 

  5. Guest28259040

     im 13 and want a relationship



  6. Guest28245771
    Hi I'm a 13 years old boy I have black curly hair with brown eye colour and I like to play on my Xbox but sometimes I take my husky for a walk. I am looking for girl that is age from 12-14 and you can't like someone by there appearance but by there personality. I have kik,snapchat,gmail,facebook,instagram and Xbox live. Kik account is eaglearrow6 Snapchat account is spark skoill Gmail is or Facebook is aweys abdi with a picture that says young wild and free Instagram is official.aweys Xbox live is spirit wolf 234 Thank you and have a good day
  7. Guest28245649

     if you live in springfield text me at 217 280 2180 if you dont live in springfield illinois then ignore

  8. Guest28245286
    My Skype is Ashton Miner
  9. Guest28232955
    Im a 15 year old boy and is ready to Skype with any one 14-15 :) girls only and yes I am not -.- a stalker dehawk101 <----- Skype name
  10. Guest28211810

     Jojo looking for a gf number is 864 4976750

  11. Guest28170342

     I'm 12 my Skype is haydenyoutube02 πŸ˜‰

  12. Guest28168771
    im willing to f**k you all night long email me
  13. Guest28165516

    yes same age,as of 2 days ago,me and my brothers are being raised as nudists in the tropics its great,we love it and mom is a flower-child was a mom at 15,she is 27,nurses all we boys,including 2 sets of twins 7 & 11,her nuist mom frienda call her mother-earth as mom has huge b***s that she is proud of,small waist,she is very giving,usually nurses 2  of we boys at a time,what do you think of our life here...tell me more about what you like in a boy

  14. Guest28165430

    Names Mj add me on Skype @ micah spruill, micah.spruill1 

  15. Guest28165414
    HI my name is Alex I love sport singing and I play Alto saxophone, piano> and guitar. I play basketball softball and swimming. I'm 12 got long black hair and love sweet cute funny boys :D
  16. Guest28164265
    yeah, my Skype is josubamadu my kik is josubamadu and my phone number is 3016844838
  17. Guest28163913

    yes i am interested

  18. Guest28162247

     hi im 13 the name is Paul if u want add me on skype: extremekiller24

  19. Guest28162247

     hi im 13 the name is Paul if u want add me on skype love u!

  20. Guest28160909

     I'm single 11 years old from the us  12 years old

  21. Guest28160653

     Yes I'm a 12 year old boy Skype me my Skype name is boatingmaster 

  22. Guest28156979

     Hi I am a 13 year old boy looking for a girl who likes mudding snowmobiling and sports I live in Belgrade maine tyler Williams on Facebook my profile is messolonskee strong or txt me at 2075926401

  23. Guest28155043

     I'm a 12 year old boy looking for a 12 year old girl


  24. angielucero1

     I'm looking for a boyfriend message me at kik I'm wolflover410 or add me in skype at angie41017

  25. Guest28153298
  26. Guest28152914

     Heyyy it's ur boyfriend's dream Jazzie aka n instagram @teamjazziebae kiss us later kik me DuchessBianca





  27. Guest28152157

     my skype is beefy_bison ~anonymous p.s. im 12

  28. Guest28151731
    I'm 12 and I'm hot if u want to date me give me yo kik I'm a boy πŸ’‘
  29. Guest28148787

    any girls do skype

  30. Guest28148046

     I'm 13 and am looking for a girlfriend ms.12 year old. Do you have a kik? If so willbuscus33 is my kik.



  31. Guest28147443
    Hi I'm 13 year old im not as hot but handsom im from newalbeney also play church organs and piano -Ben to big Ben and grand crastal pipe organ and goes to church at Howard park Cristian church!
  32. Guest28145565

     I'm 12 I'm 136 pounds strong i play soccer with free

    time I hang with my family. If I hang with friends

    we r playin video games

  33. Guest28145297

     I'm Peyton kik me at game_time5

  34. Guest28144107
    This is FrostyMoney90. I need girlfriend as well hope to talk to you soon πŸ˜‰ kik me as FrostyMoney90
  35. Guest28142640

    im 13 in skipton (uk) my email is

  36. Guest28139667
    Hi I'm a 13 year old boy from California in a small town. I play lots of videogames and is musically talented, I have black hair, dark and long eye lashes, 5 feet 6 inches and I'm in 7th grade right now if any girls want to kik me, my username is the same as my Xbox live gamertag FrostyMoney90 thanks😊
  37. Guest28139440

    hey im kate spencer type it up on facebook and im just looking for friendly chat cause i am a pretty person inside and out hope yous add me:)

  38. Guest28139420

     I'm 13 and single 


  39. Guest28139053

    im a 12 year old single girl looking for a 12-13 year old bf im amber cox on facebook its a pic of me and my mom. im a country girl, i dont like to play sports unless it with my brothes and family. txt me on facebook


  40. Guest28138237
    Well I'm 11 my ig is crooked_lines21 Facebook is ozzy Hernandez and the photo is a Denver broncos pic my kik is crooked_lines22 Xbox live is ozzy2090 soif you know anyone that is look for a bf just kik me thanks
  41. Guest28137285


  42. Guest28136679

    hi my name is cody i am 13 and single i am looking for a girl like you send me a friends reqest on facebook or i will sen you one my facebook name is cody conkey

                                                                                                                              love cody conkey


  43. Guest28130160

     Hello Ms 12 years old! I think your are too young to look for boyfriend. Enjoy your youngster and dont mind the boys! crush will do! Go to shopping or in a spa. Create nice looking nails and body contouring treatment hummm,, I think you are too young for that. maybe massage



  44. Guest28130157

     i would love to go out with you

  45. Guest28124237

     im ethan i am 12 and i would like to fb u add me on fb Ethan Strub

  46. Guest28121551

     Heyy my name is Blondell and I'm a single 12 year old girl looking for a bf! I'm a country girl who loves hunting, muddling, running, yoga, gymnastic, dance and play volleyball, and dose cheer leading!!(; call if interested 573-822-8004

  47. Guest28106196

     im 13 my name is dillin im just looking for a girl friend you sound realy cool but what city do you live in? be I live in portage wisconson. I like achery,  socker, wii, welding mettle  I have long goldish blond hiar and I love sk8ing if you are interested call me at   608-617-1886

  48. Guest28106196

     im 13 my name is Dillin crawley you sound realy cool but what city do you live in?  I live in portage wisconson. I like achery,  socker, wii, welding mettle  I have long goldish blond hiar and I love sk8ing I am in 7th grade I am more of a bad boy so if you are looking for a bad boy then stop       if you are interested call me at   608-617-1886 or if you don't want to date we can just be friends:)

  49. Guest28106196

     im 13 my name is dillin will you go out with me you sound realy cool but what city do you live in? because I live in portage wisconson. I like achery,  socker, wii, welding mettle  I have long goldish blond hiar and I love sk8ing        if you are interested call me at   608-617-1886

  50. Guest28106196

    I will date you im 13 my name is dillin will you go out with me you sound realy cool but what city do you live in? because I live in portage wisconson.

  51. Guest28105282

     do u got kik or something if u do hit me up thuglyfed1 :)


  52. Guest28103163

     im a 12 year old single boy who lives in ky need a girl but i want a girl with good personality



  53. Guest28101644

     Hey I am a 13 year old boy I have dark blond hair , blue eyes play lots of video games am sporty and respect and care for girls if u interested message me at 

  54. Guest28093975

     Im a 13 year old kinda emo girl looking for a boyfriend 13-14 im sensitive and sweet so kik me givemelove15 c:

  55. Guest28090670

     Well, I'm 14, but you seem nice and I would want to talk to you.

  56. Guest28087969

     r u on facebook? if u r plz tell me ur name and surname and i will invyt u

  57. Guest28087492

    I'm 13 years old looking for gf. Email me at

  58. mkmalls16

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  59. Guest28087294

    me im looking for 12-14 girls so call me or text me when u see this 704 221 6956

  60. Guest28082489

    im 11

  61. Guest28082421

    hey my name is brandon u can call me bdog and im 12 year old boy and im horny for girls 13-15 and add me on skype name is bdogcrafter   thx if u add

  62. Guest28082123

     *sighs* Sweetheart, this has to be the worst way to get yourself a boyfriend . I'm 13, and single. But gosh. You shouldn't want to have a boyfriend. I'm 13, and I'm not ready to date. So I doubt you are. Enjoy life. Be free. I mean, if you really what one, look around your school. Anyhow, have a good day

  63. Guest28080499

    hey im 13years old looking for gf kik me on semo.gobara or fb semo gobara

  64. Guest28080488

    hey im 13years old looking for gf kik me on semo.gobara or fb semo gobara

  65. Guest28078061

    I'm a 13 year old girl looking for a 13-14 year old boy to be my bf 

  66. Guest28077940

    Am 13 and I want a gf u sound nice btw am emo and if u have kik add me cutie lol - ) girls_XD


  67. Guest28074905

    hey im a 13 year old boy looking for a gf  plse contact me on face book Drew Rather


  68. Guest28070817

    I`m 12 years old my name is Jose

  69. Merry Larren

    Hi, im 15. i would like to know something more about you then only would like to share some more information.

  70. Guest28069207

     I'm a 13 year old sensitive and kind guy, whenever you wanna chat, just call 540-397-5658

  71. Guest28062970
    Hi my name is Callum im 12 and id like to get to know you text me 07517114843
  72. ccmalls48


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  73. Guest28060474

    I need a cute girlfriend and you sound nice

  74. Guest28046087
    hey im larissa 13 in the I have brown hair and brown eyes and have light skin. Im skinny but have a nice a*s and wear a size 34 b bra. I really want a boyfreind who lives in white rock south surrey who is in the 7th grade. If y you are interested email at or look for me on facebook.
  75. Guest27944308

     hey im ray im 13 im nice i work hard and i never take girls for grantedplz call me my umber is 19183236460 i   get your message  message on my fone


  76. Guest27921507

    i am pm me at

  77. Guest27905818

     yea im a twelve year old boy and i need a gf

  78. Guest27896915
    I'm a 12 year old boy who needs a gf
  79. Guest27884341

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  81. Guest27858938

    Hey. Looking for a gf. idc of its long distace. txt me at (949)226-2548

  82. Guest27825852

    im single i wanna see a picture off u so we need to hook up some how


  83. Guest27824679

     hey i am single

  84. Guest27822831

    im avaliable if your intrested into guy who are gamers and who like bowling

  85. Guest27749141

     Hey my names Anna and I would really like a cute boy friend so text me at 413-752-9993 thx!!!!!


  86. Guest27737285

    i need a gf im 13

  87. Guest27699444

    hey i am 13 and single sadley i have brown hair light brown eyes and play b ball text me at 9197982317


  88. Guest27666882

     Hey I'm 12 with dark brown hair musky dine eyes and I enjoy video games and chillin with my buds txt me at 6624268978 if ur interested

  89. Guest27626326

     Hi im Ben im 12 years and i am Single

    I have tan skin dark brown hair and brown eyes. I like to Play Soccer and enjoy playing  play video games, I also Like to sing and dance. I won the 2011 school talent show in Los angeles, Im also in the Hip Hop for Boyz Dance Team. If your interested in me ( any girls) please email me or skype me or by facebook


    Skype: ben.hashemi1

    Facebook: Ben Hashemi



  90. Guest27586436

    hay im a f*g who likes 13 year old lesbians

  91. Guest27577896

    im 12 yearold boy add me on skype: fareclawzy   sorry for the stupid name  i live in surrey in uk

  92. Guest27502802

    im a very sad boy that need a girl text me at (813)-679-2923

  93. Guest27502802

    hi i'm 12 # 813 679 2923

  94. Guest27425040

    13 year boy looking for a girl in parkersburg my # is 3046157508 text me

  95. Guest27326679

    hi im 12 and my # is 920-370-3189

  96. Guest27206045


  97. Guest25109053

    Im a 13 year old, chubby girl looking for a guy.

  98. Guest25098215

    hi my name is travis text me at 940-282-8837 im looking for a girl im 13

  99. Guest25005705

     Hi I am 12 and I am looking for a hot guy 

  100. Guest24992704

    hi my name rodney im is 12 year old

  101. Guest24365890










    hey my name is Erik im 12 and single I live in Tennessee i need a girl to text me at 1(731) 439-1847

  102. Guest24089565

    This is probably an FBI Police sting you friken dummies...

  103. Guest23957486
    hey im 13 my name is jeremy im looking for a girl text me at 1661-992-9967
  104. Guest23806318

    Im Bailey Elkins 12 year old boy going knox after summer and I am intrested if you live near the woodlands conroe or houston or know aboat that

  105. Guest23634956

    hey i am a 12 year old girl nd im looing for a boyfriend

  106. Guest23597606

    r u still 12

  107. Guest23588304

    im very interested im 12 [almost 13] text or call me at  417 350 3574. thx

  108. Guest22769968

    ye are all losers get a girl u no

  109. Guest22758654

    how about me want to get to know me if so email me at ( )


  110. Jon


    I'm Jon I'm 13 and i am interested. please text me at 732-865-0533

    hope to talk soon(;

  111. Guest22722275


  112. Guest22708417

     Please send me your email at

  113. Navaneeth.K.P

     Sure.I am a 12 (This May I will get into 13) year old boy in INDIA.There is no friends for me. Can u b my girlfriend?

  114. Guest22641062

    im a 12 year oldboy looking for a 12year old girl

  115. Guest22559718

    im 13 about to turn 14 in march

    u intrested


  116. Levi Johnston

    hi, im 14. i would like to get to know you. text me at 540-808-5157.

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