i'm a 11 year old boy lookin' for a girlfreind. Im here if you want me:(

by David.Watt  |  9 years, 11 month(s) ago

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info: can't call or se you until i'm a teen. I'm moving to hamilton. i'm in grade 5. If you want to contact me, first become a guide and ask me questions and talk to me, also I'M NOT A NERD!

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  2. Shelby hunt

    Hey,I am 13 year old.I Like to speak to friends.I Have a nice girl for everytime.If you wanted talk with me.I will,I Love Cowgirl Country....I dont want be Bad girl.One days,My friend tell me what i do.She say "Hey you want Going out with me".I say No,I am Not g*y! She say Please,That Joke for me..I say you "Cheating on me Haha". I Only Be nice her. I learn her what she do talk About It.That She said "Sorry,I was cheating on you for Joke.I say "Okay,Hmm We got to go Lunch together Friends.Now we are Best friend.I have Nice friend.Thank you

  3. Guest19207655
    lol, I used to live in Hammie :) P.S. Ur never gonna find a gf on here. Go play your PS. >.>
  4. Guest15791271
    i am 11 too.............................i want to have s*x with you no matter who you are, i only care that you are the same age as me.................................if you are near rice lake wisconsin call me at 715 434 1479 and ask for channing...................or e mail me at ............................. luv ya channing, a hot blond
  5. Guest15794454
    me and my friend need a girlfriend pronto
  6. Kayla
    And all I can say Is tht im here if u want me... e-mail me at Luv, Kayla

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