im 13 im a guy looking for any 12 13 or 14 year old girls text me or call me at 417 350 3574 thx.

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im 13 im a guy looking for any 12 13 or 14 year old girls text me or call me at 417 350 3574 thx.

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  1. Guest27325307

    This guy is in jail for 30 years. I'm 13 and had fallen for him. He told me his name was Logan, we started talking, and I literally thought he was 13, and then my 22 year old friend saved my life from him! It all started when me and Logan got into a fight..and when we used to get along, he said he would travel to my state every summer..and since we were fighting, I was scared he might do something to me this summer, so I told my friend about it. He called the police and I found out Logan was really a 48 year old molester, and my friend literally threatned to shoot him with his gun, but since Logan kept moving, he couldn't shoot him, so he used something called uzi?? Idk what that is, or if that even is the right name, but i'm just happy i'm not dead..From now on, i'm never giving out personal information to anyone I know again. I am never going to talk rto anyone I don't know again, either. I'm pretty sure I learned quite a lesson. So no matter what, people that really are kids on here, don't trust anyone. You gotta trust me on this. A deal is a deal. Please! You are risking your life just by telling your first name to someone you don't know!

  2. Guest25012697

    Hey. . .

    itz me.

    - Anonymous_Person ~

  3. Guest24997682

    ~!!come and get me you little monster! i aint scared no AFRAID of you and to tell you off(btw.afraid iz waaiiiyy better vocabulary unlike the way YOU ARE!!).  your the same guy that said you beat up people on the other question about blacks. i fuckking hate your a$$ because IF YOU BEAT SOMEONE TOO BADLY THEY CAN DIE. THEN WHAT WILL YOU DO? I HOPE YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH YOUR LIFE AND YOU DONT DESERVE A GIRLFRIEND!! P.S. YOUR LUCKY THIS GIRL YOU FOUGHT WITH IS SCARED OF YOU SINCE U BEAT PEOPLEZ ASSESS OFF AND YOU WERE PRETTY MEAN TO MY FRIEND IM NOT SAYING WHO SHE IS B!TCHhhhhh.. PERV.  I HOPE YOUR SMART ENOUGH TO HAVE COMMON SENSE ASKING A STUPID QUESTION LIKE THIS ON THE INTERNET GET A LIFE AND GO OUT WITH SOMEONE U KNOW FOR THE LIKE WHAT 10000000000TH TIME!?!?!!??!!??????????you'll feel guilty and so sorry for me l8ter.even though you hate my guts right now." The More You Hate Someone The More You Love Someone.." the sayin' goez on and on and on..~!!

  4. Guest24971224

     i would go out with you if 1). we went to the same school 2) we lived in the same area and 3) if we could ever meet in person...sorrryyyyy noooo i cant.

    P.S. im sorta developing a crush on this guy named SKYLER!!!! ha(: Xd... :D

  5. CoolGirl95

     Hi. I used to be stupid,and now im not. here is the story: I had asked the same question here(but without my number) and yeah,i realized how STUPID that was. And how i was a TOTAL IDIOT AT THAT TIME. Now i have a bf that goes to the same skewl az me;) I suggest you should do the same. GO OUT WITH SOMEONE YOU ACTUALLY KNOW, NOT SOMEONE YOU WILL PROBABLY NEVER EVEN MEET! LOL IM JUST SAYING!

  6. Guest24955748

     hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! wanna chat

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  8. lyls98


  9. Guest24930260

    omg how are kids these days..are you guys seriously smart enough to ask a silly question like this and trust "everyone" on the internet? h**l-O! there are perverts here! not everyone is an "actual" kid and u no that whoever you really shouldn't have put your number on here,boy.with your cell number,people can easily track down where u are in other words,GPS you. and they can get 2 know where YOU live so be careful.same to all the other pple who ask questions like this! im a very smart girl im 12 and i have never done this before. thumbs this answer up so people will c this!!

  10. Guest24930228


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  12. Guest24929757

    why >:-|

  13. Guest24929702


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  15. Skyler

    yooo broo i wouldn,t be lookin' 4 gurlz online. . .u should jus choose som1 u nooo...weiill do wat u wanna do itz ur life but ok

  16. Guest24926366

    what the fuckk?

  17. Guest24545197

    and if anyone else (besides this kid that asked the question) wants her number ask if ur a kid not a pervert,murder,or kidnapper. cuz then i'll report u. no offence if ur not.but u have to be nice not a pervert.if u want her number ask me i guess i know it im her friend...Duuhhhh Lol

  18. Guest24545197

    there is this reallllly HaWt chick named eliza.if she didnt have a boyfriend u could have  hooked up with her,but she uh has a boyfriend named marc lopez. they go to the same school,know eachother,and live in the same area. sorry. but if you want her number just ask me. and i'll leave a response once i get online again.

  19. Guest24458409

    Hey r u there.Im a 12 year old girl looking for a 12,13,or 11 year old boy.I also go to Smith Station Elementry School   (East)

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