ihsa baseball rules

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can a 14 yr. old player play with a cast on ?

can he also pitch with a cast on ?

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  1. Guest21452643
    can catchers wear 2 piece masks?

  2. Guest20301502
    can a freshman play 14u Travel and High school baseball at the same time
  3. Guest18193014
    how do you use the extra hitter in a game
  4. Guest16765678
    can a player play for a high school while still in middle school, after he gets into high school his first year, and he chages high school can he play ball again for the new high school his first year, and not get redshirt to the bench, and get to play first string before other new players
  5. Guest10311684
    A pitcher throws to first as the runner is returning to first. The ball hits the runner in the back and rolls out of play. The ump awards the runner second and third. Should he have only gotten second?
  6. Guest8096639
    how many trips to the mound can a coach make per inning before pulling the pitcher?
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