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need answers to isc-120.a

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     I need help ASAP with IS 120 a (professional development series) can anyone help me pass or tell me where i can go to check some of my answers...i am beating my head up against a wall with some and now have failed this 3 times...any i have to pay??? is my personal email....Thanks

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     I have a bunch of FEMA answers... Im willing to swap... email me at to swap answers ASAP!

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    wanna swap answers for fema test email me at or post them on here and ill reply back as soon as possible but its easy to just email me so ill responsed back sooner. cause i check my email everyday unlike this website.

  4. Guest23535065

    What is the answer for is 130 ?

  5. Mitchel

    IS 120.a is an introduction to the basics of emergency management exercises. This program builds a foundation for subsequent exercise courses, which provide the specifics of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and the National Standard Exercise Curriculum (NSEC).
    This course is designed for local, State, Federal, trust territories, tribal nations, volunteer organizations, and private industry emergency management/response personnel with the responsibility for exercise program management and/or who serve as a member of an exercise planning team.

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    Life saver dude

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