iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants a bf so if u would write ur name and number i will text u

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iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants a bf so if u would write ur name and number i will text u

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  1. Guest28433664

    *ALERT* Do NOT give your phone number or name out to this site! THIS SITE IS A WEB PAGE IS A SCAME! Do not give out any personal information! *ALERT* --C.P.D.

  2. Guest28421313

     I'm 13 and my ​name is Drake add my Skype elderdestroyer1

  3. Guest28383637

     im 12 years old im male looking for a cute number text me at 8103051663 i love animals and music is amazing my favorite colar is black

  4. Guest28356227

     13 phone number is 6622519221

  5. Guest28327200 is diamond I'm 13 and my number is 2163872887

  6. Guest28308688
    12 year old boy and phone number is 740-405-1571
  7. Guest28303581

     What up. My name is Ronnie E. Wordlow and I am an great basketball player. I sing too.

    i am an handsome and rad dude. My number is 1-501-676-1011

  8. Guest28269351

     Any young horny girls from australia who want to sext and swap hot pics text me your name and age to 0481304266 or +61481304266

  9. Guest28269276
    hi my name is sierra I am looking for a bf text me at 4234040737
  10. Guest28268421
    wassup I'm Devin Gethers lookin for a Girlfriend text me in 12 years old I play for the giants in tackle football 🏈 so that's good and my number is 843-460-3319 any girl that's 12 years old
  11. Guest28259756

     Sup my name is Camren my phone number is 702-793-0268

  12. Guest28259756

     Hi my name is Camren. My phone number is 702-793-0268



  13. Guest28259677
  14. Guest28244704




    BYE ✌️✌️

  15. Guest28233301

    Hi, I,m Ian 14yo looking for hot gf +2784 800 5906 ian,vw,10 (skype) 

  16. Guest28166957

     You all are salty and thirsty as h**l d**n yall need to ice up , that girl could be a pedophile u dumb asses 

  17. Guest28163817

    hi im a boy named scott my

  18. Guest28162504

     Sup I'm looking for a gf my number is 2295063245 and my name Marcus 

  19. Guest28156872

     i am a hot 12 year old boy called oliver my number is 07963 600534


  20. Guest28155581

     What the h**l

  21. Guest28155576

    trey 731 298 4822

  22. Guest28152744

    Im  Sarah an I'm 12 805 814 4781

  23. Guest28152019

     Hunter Reed 704-616-2852

  24. Guest28151866

     Text me at 330-607-4491

  25. Guest28150818
    Dalton Anglum I like u. u r so cute my number is 217-899-1810
  26. Guest28148057

     Hey I'm 13 phone number 405 245 4967

  27. Guest28147668

     I'm a 12 year old girl and just saying if I were you I wouldn't put my number online and really just go out with someone you know

  28. Guest28147649

     Hi I'm bella I'm 12 and I'm looking for a bf 

  29. Guest28144898

     hi i'm Nicholas i'll love to have u as a friend 18683414511

  30. Guest28142281

     my name is justin and im 12 my number is 7727745349


  31. Guest28141504

     Hey I am DeAndre I am 12 years old text or call 678-308-2785 


  32. Guest28140668

    Hey umm my gf wants to kill me and I need a new one so if u want here's my number 440-670-9491 bye

  33. Guest28140561

     Jimmy call me at *63 8011311

  34. Guest28139578

    im thirteen my name is morgan 14124282118

  35. Guest28138175

    give me ur number


  36. Guest28138174

    give me ur number


  37. Guest28127387

     Hi my name is William I am a male I need a girlfriend  email me at please send a picture of u 



  38. Guest28126804

     I need around 11 women everyday to either suck me or allow me to tap you!

  39. Guest28126525

    I am Jose my number is 903 571 2214 I am a 13 year old boy k bye :b















  40. Guest28125030

     Robert and I'm 14 and my number is 5159889667

  41. Guest28124845

    Any girls here from Australia? Text me on 0481304266.

  42. Guest28122797

     Hi I'm Ian my number is 806-544-8148

  43. Guest28122794

    Hey I'm Robby Phillips and my number is 334-718-5206

  44. Guest28115489

    <p>&nbsp;Hey my name is Matthew Tomkinson and I need a 11-14 year old gf</p> <p>Send me a message on my email and the I will send u my number</p>

    Matthew Tomkinson email:


  45. Guest28115489

     Hey my name is Matthew Tomkinson and I need a 11-14 year old gf

    Send me a message on my email and the I will send u my number

  46. Guest28105945

     i need abff lol my names tessa 4406457257





  47. Guest28104174

    570-209-8108 I am 12 years old I need a gf.

  48. Guest28092186

    sup its 12 year old kyle my number is 5088131753 call or text me


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  50. Guest28088937

    hi im josh the best one here i like to chat with girls and make them smile im 13 my number is 2674443493

  51. Guest28087460

     Hi my name is Paul I'm 12 years old  my number is (323) 696-9750 tell my mom that you want to talk to me okay babe

  52. Guest28084099

    im looking for 12 or 13 year old  girl friend email me your number at



  53. Guest28077942

     Tanner 2622088140

  54. Guest28077044

    im a 13 yr old girl looking for a bf! my numbers 405 637 5685

  55. Guest28076332
    I am a 12 Yr. Old with blue eyes long dirty blonde hair Number is 615-617-9768
  56. Guest28075838

     423-353-1503 I am a 13 year old text me more info

  57. Guest28075159


    I'm a 12 year old with hazel eyes  

  58. Guest28075159



  59. Guest28074922

     Hey boy 9857099348

  60. Guest28073637

    nathan 334 343 2139

  61. Guest28073413

     Your too young for a relationship...

  62. Guest28073254


  63. Guest28070412

     Email your number to me @

  64. Guest28069332

    I want a girlfriend so text me 4 more info



  65. Guest28068260

    hi my name is anthony im 14 and 6-1 foot tall and my birth date is may 12 1998 my phone number is 614 267 5247

  66. Guest28065690

     hey im Olivia I need a BF so plese text me 7204591344

  67. Guest28064074
    I'm Noah Williams and I would love to be your bf my number is 575-640-0811
  68. Guest28063258

     12 year old boy phone number 562 658 6855

  69. ccmalls29


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  70. Guest28057784

    1-850-272-7032. My name is Zackary Chase. I am 13. I have black hair. I'm white. Text me if you want 2 know any more about me ;)

  71. Guest28043815

    you should not put your number on the internet

  72. Guest28036175

    hey I am a nice  and s**y boy and looking for a GF really bad! my name is joey an d the number is 815 355 7280 and I am 12 years old so please call or text me 


  73. Guest28031821

     330 323 8732 and my names aaron and i am 14 


  74. Guest27985507

     Hey girl I'm a nice 12 year old guy text me 8076313961

  75. Guest27916439
    Hi im Ramesh balani and I am a handsome boy my number is 18762953904 and im 12.
  76. Guest27915215

     Hey babe  I'm looking for a gf and I'm 12 text me my number is 07956377051 hope to get a text

  77. buyme76

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  78. Guest27911277

     I want a gf my name is Andrew and I like a lot of music mostly deadmau5 my number 5053664019 or if u want to email me just email me at 

  79. Guest27911277

     505-366-4019 I'm lookin for a gf so plz txt me thx :)

  80. Guest27893827

    Your too young for a bf

  81. Guest27893826

    im 12 i listen to pop and rock, i have a awesome haircut, me facebook name is steven smith.

  82. Guest27877491

     815 587 3150 Kevin txt me i really want a gf choose me ill treat u like nobody else


  83. Guest27876993

     Madi 15. any boys? my age? 248 410 9198

  84. Guest27869440

    il do anything text you anything im a telve year old boy my names patrick 226 924 4955 text me

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  86. Guest27869106

    i will leave my numb, i am a twelve year old single boy, here it is 209-814-4369, i live in tracy ca,My name is Alton Jones i was born 1/12/2000

  87. Guest27865191

    my names matt call me 7067183212


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  89. Guest27824978

    My name is Daniel and i'm 12.

    house number 801-373-73-44

  90. Guest27813701

    mitchell 407-432-8666

  91. Guest27808137

     John 978 590 0870


  92. Guest27798223
    I'm a 15 year old u sound like ur a pretty girl so hope we can hook up. Hares my number 918 913 2619;)
  93. Guest27796648

     Hey I'm Kayla txt me at 732 237 6690 I'm 12


  94. Guest27788706

    im a 12 year boy looking for a gf txt or call me 13366245651 or 9694525


  95. Guest27756533

    my name is ethan and my number is 3144789


  96. Guest27743685

    im 12 my number is 337 492 1323

  97. Guest27525723

     I'm Garrett woods my phone number is 417-622-2969

  98. Guest27478713

     Thomas 2075903579 txt me

  99. Guest27478550

     Chandler 12 804-920-3749

  100. Guest27424822

     I'm 12 and you shouldn't be giving your phone numbers out like this. This is probonly just some rapist trying to get a bOy to rape. Even if it's not, still creepers will text you and don't think they won't try to stalk you

  101. Guest27326679

    dalton 12 # 920-370-3189 txt me soon


  102. Guest27317304

    hi im jordan i am 13 year old going on 14 on november 27 2012 i play football,all regionist in choir, and a talanted speaker give me a holler on facebook jordan allen whitney (plus im jamaican just to let you know) well may find your match bye

  103. Guest27138911

     i am matthew and i am 12 number is (515) 379-7330

  104. Guest25034739

    Dear... Most people enjoy the inferiority of their best friends. Please if U don't mind can we be friends and get to know each other slowly like the beautiful butterflies comes out from their lavers slowly ( smiles). I will like you to contact me directly with my email: Thanks and remain bless...

  105. Guest25034312

    travis 19402828837

  106. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    This is to the answer right below mine (which is to Guest25024268) U GO GIRL!

  107. Guest25024268

    from ashton's friend: pervert! all u wnt iz to vrape ppl!! i soo agree w/Guest25002209

  108. Guest25024258

    hey my jason i'am 13 yrs call me 9046410626 now i love s**y hot fine girls of any age!!!!!!!

  109. Guest25002209

    i dont know if she texted any of u but half of u peps are probaly dead its probaly a guy




  110. Guest24997715

     Lance Sandefur,13,(276)-274-5784

  111. Guest24983416

     Arthur (724) 261-1775 

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  113. CoolGirl95

     ummmm ok.....if i were u i would really try and go out with someone you know...i already have a boyfriend marc and we go to the same school. and really,i dont trust everyone on the internet. and honestly,idk if your really 12 or a perv.

  114. Guest24961875

    jack 812-340-2401


  115. Guest24959781

    Quinton 402-266-1134

  116. Guest24954067

    sorry alan is here number is 972 322 8496

  117. Guest24954067

    my name is alan and i am 12


  118. Guest24932232

     Txt me at 901 834 9027

  119. Guest24930260


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    my name is joshua some people call me josh idc my number is 802 752 8507

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  124. Guest24924047

    all you boys are stupid. you shouldnt just go out with a girl just because shes hot. you should like a girl for who she is. i understand u dont wanna go out with an ugly girl,but dont just judge her on her looks/appearance.

  125. CoolGirl95

    hey skyler i saw ur answer,hehe:) thxx!! and yo girl who asked this question,i think u should choose a guy u no iunsteada off the internet cuz theres perverts...and yo logan (guy with the number 417-350-3574) itz me eliza idc if were friends or not i have a life man,haha:)) plus i dont have my phone anymore ask skyler,soo...yeah! :D

  126. Skyler

    r u sure ur not a pervert lol. just askin'. well,i do want a gf but i would prefer someone i know not from online. why? because what if u never meet them? i mean,i would soo wanna meet my gf! :( . well anyways,i just met this reallly nice gurl on this website right now and her name is Eliza. she seems friendly,nice,and sweet but she already has a boyfriend,Marc. Either way,i still want to meet her real bad so we could at least become friends... and u 2!

  127. Guest24306555

    MY NAME IS 0747580981                                                                                               NUMBER-ADHIL                                                                                                                  I AM A 12 YEAR OLD                                                                                                   BOY WHO USED TO                                                                                                   HAVE A GF

  128. Guest24275885
    i am 24 year old and would love to be ur bf my number is 07754926819 my name is kieran
  129. Guest24252411

    My name is jorge flores number 619-517-4445 if your a s*x addict

  130. Guest24103081
    I'm a boy tackelfootball player basketball player baseball player live in donna texas intrested in girls that are bad or nice it really don't number9567849765
  131. Guest24001984

    my names levi and I like lil wane and im a skater and i bmx im the perfect bf u will ever have and im a thug known as bloodsmy number is 830-367-5718


  132. Guest23968318



  133. Guest23895793

    wats up my name is Nickolas Gates text me at 916-640-6145

  134. Guest23882634

    yo my name is joshua my cell is 757-778-2650 im 1 funny and alot of girls say it pick  me it very easy  2 make friends with me.

  135. Guest23882356

    im trevor and my number is 9377253199

  136. Guest23881887

    my name is alexander im hot and my number is 4403157542


  137. Guest23880795

    8128011316 brennen dehart


  138. Guest23865339

     xD feel like a f*g like ethe rest of u no life m**o i dont need to get girls online taht are 99 percent pedophiles but if ur a hot girl then " Love Yah Baby" im 13 send me a pic at for ik UR NOT A PEDO. alright then probly i just wasted 5 minutes of my life but LYB. :P

  139. Guest23588304

    im turning 13 in sep. so text me my phone number is 417 350 3574.  my name is logan i dont really want give out my last name incase your a offense if your not. im a guy.


  140. Guest22916046

    jaxon my number is 501 766 3691

  141. Guest22612921

     I'm Tony a 12 year old boy my cell number is 613-618-9231

  142. Guest22608174

    hi, im james, i like having fun, im 13 years old, im cheerful and would like to know you more :)

    email me at or text me at 06 77 95 88 23

    thx :)

  143. Guest22563740

    how old u now?  show us a pic

  144. Guest22527919
    im a 12 year old boy text me @ 3615574041
  145. Guest22501754

    my name is christian amon i am cute and im 14

    619 616 3717 plz text me asap

  146. Guest21810613

    sumit sharma 9810819501

  147. Guest21694962

    321 693 9921 i want a gf so txt me 4 more info


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