iPhone Contacts, how to transfer to Pc?

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I want to copy my contacts to my Pc from my iPhone. Someone please tell me how to do it.

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  1. lilim

    You can try the iPhone tool kits to help you copy the contacts from iphone to pc. It's easy to use. And you can refer to this artical to learn more about the iPhoen tool kits.

  2. Mitchel

     iPhone uses iTunes to sync with the address book and calendar applications you already use on your computer:

    * Address Book or Entourage on a Mac, or Microsoft Outlook Contacts or Outlook Express on a PC
    * iCal or Entourage on the Mac, or MS Outlook Calendar on a PC

    If you keep your contacts on the web using Yahoo! Address Book or Google Address Book, iPhone can sync with them, too.

    If you don’t already use one of these applications to manage your contacts and appointments, now is a great time to start, so you’ll be ready to sync your iPhone with your most up-to-date phone numbers, email addresses, and appointments. If you don’t have contacts and appointments on your computer, don’t worry. You can still enter them directly into your iPhone Contacts or Calendar.

    If you are using a phone with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, check with your IT Manager or refer to this page to learn to configure iPhone to sync with Exchange ActiveSync.

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