iPhone 6 Air after iPad, MacBook release

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With the iPad Air now in the hands of buyers the next Air device to be released will be the new MacBook, which should be released around June 2014. We had assumed that Apple was going to end their thin device and would concentrate on the MacBook Pro, but the release of the 5th generation iPad proves otherwise.

iPhone 6 Air after iPad, MacBook release

It is for this very reason why we are now starting to believe those rumors from several months ago that pointed to an iPhone Air release. We had assumed that those rumors seemed absurd, but it is not so far fetched after all, not with recent events.

While the design of the iPad Air is nothing radical, it does show that Apple can still shave some weight and size off, while still offering more. It is the hope that Apple will do something similar with the 2014 MacBook Air, but we cannot see how they will shave any more size or weight off.

As for the iPhone 6, there is still a lot they can do, and looking at these concepts it gives you a good idea of how. Okay, so these are never going to be the final design of the 2014 iPhone, but it does show what’s possible.

We knew the first thing that would need to happen was to have a larger screen, and while the overall size of the phone would need to be increased, it would be kept to a minimum with an even thinner bezel, as it could be an edge-to-edge screen.

Having said that, this iPhone Air concept shows the size of the handset does not need to increase because of making better use of the real estate already available on the phone.

We know that Apple will bring a larger phone next year and their biggest priority is to make certain it can be used one-handed, and the concept render is certainly one way to achieve that goal.

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