i want to translate an english phrase into scottish gaelic

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i want to translate "faith can move mountains" into scottish gaelic

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  1. Guest22896965

     I can't believe it

  2. Guest19209977
    If you want translation from real translators, best website for Transcription and translation ( according to me) is
  3. Guest19070500
    mind body and spirit or mind body and soul
  4. Guest18822275
    there can onle be one
  5. Guest14166172
    I visited Scotland many years ago. Fell in love with the people and food.
  6. Guest14106366
    Lily quilts
  7. Guest12332262
    Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
  8. Guest12164192
    Robert Reid Is King
  9. Guest11520488
    inspire music
  10. Guest11517767
    Can you translate the phrase "Scottish not British" into scottish Gaelic?

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